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I guess by now, most of you would have seen the video entitled, “World’s Toughest Job” but if you haven’t, you can check it out here on our blog.

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and this year, it falls on 11 May 2014 [Sunday]. As I was preparing this blog post, I was just thinking aloud about how I should begin writing this blog post and I guess it is pretty apt for me to blatantly say that we should treasure and cherish our mum not just on Mother’s Day but every single day of our lives.

[Image Credits to Happy Mothers Day]

Amidst the hectic schedules of our daily lives, we sometimes forget to show appreciation and gratitude to the most important woman in our life and Mother’s Day does provide a much-needed annual reminder to do just that.

In collaboration with BRAND’S Singapore, we will like to help you nourish the ties that matter by giving your mother the gift of health. Hence, we are happy to giveaway 2 packs of 6 BRAND’s Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar that will not only boost your mother’s immunity but also provide all the tender loving care, nourishment, and rejuvenation that she needs.

[Image Credits to BRAND’S Singapore]

BRAND’S Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar comprises of premium quality bird’s nest, and is all-natural with no preservatives or artificial flavouring. It helps maintain youthful skin and as well as a smooth and wrinkle-free complexion, making it ideal for beauty seekers who wish to maintain skin radiance and good health at the same time. It also helps cleanse lungs and regulates the respiratory system.

[Image Credits to Dunia Brands]

BRAND’S Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar contains genuine bird’s nest, harvested from Indonesia and Thailand. The raw bird’s nest is obtained for soaking and cleansing. After which, they are boiled with rock sugar solution under a specially developed hygienic process that seals in the flavour and goodness of the bird’s nest.

To participate in the giveaway, all you have to do is just the following:

1. Like BRAND’S Singapore Facebook Page.
2. Like A Winsome Life’s Facebook Page.
3. Share with us your plans for Mother’s Day by commenting either on our Instagram or on our Facebook Page!

Terms & Conditions:
1. This contest is open to all Singapore residents.
2. Contest period: 19 April 2014 to 28 April 2014
3. All winners will be notified via email or phone on the prize collection details.
4. Contestants with the most creative and touching entry will be selected to win the contest.

Come join our giveaway and surprise your mum with some BRAND’S Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar!

We have just concluded our Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Voucher Giveaway and the 5 Winners are:

[Image Credits to Wanderfly]

1. Nina Yeo
2. Michelle Boor
3. Koh Jason
4. Yueyoong K
5. Michhysaurous BelleBelle

All Winners will be contacted via Facebook Message and Email so if you see your name listed here, do remember to check your inbox-es!

[Image Credits to Sputnika]

On a separate note, ever since we started our Blog in December 2011, we have seen an increase in the number of visitors and pageviews on our Blog and we are extremely humbled by the statistics. If we compare our current year’s statistics to the previous year’s statistics, we are generally doing just fine but it is still not up to our expectations because we feel that there are so much things that we could have done better. Hence, we are currently doing a thorough review of our Blog and we have plans in the pipelines to carry out some BIG changes that we hope will bless YOU [our readers].

As the plans are underway, we won’t be revealing them anytime soon but we really hope that this would be the next breakthrough that we’re hoping for. Meanwhile, you probably might be able to note the change in our blogging/writing style and over the next few weeks and months, you might see the bigger changes eased in.

Hence, do stay tuned to us and should you have any thing that you wish to let us know, do feel free to leave us your comments or drop us an email at admin@awinsomelife.org

Last Thursday, we were invited to an exclusive Ice-Cream Party at the Ben & Jerry’s Dempsey Scoop Shop and we totally enjoyed ourselves. The awesome people from Ben & Jerry’s hosted us with so much fuzzy warmth and love that it was a night down memory lane for both Baby and I.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

Here are photos of the exclusive Ice-Cream Party that we attended at the Ben & Jerry’s Dempsey Scoop Shop.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

If I had to choose between my car and Ben & Jerry’s Vintage Van…

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

I would probably have went for Ben & Jerry’s Vintage Van.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

Check out the Ben & Jerry’s Merchandise that the Ben & Jerry’s Dempsey Scoop Shop is selling.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

They even have tee-shirts with fabulous designs too!

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

Look at those temptinglicious Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Cakes, perfect for birthdays!

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013
From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

The rather extensive menu at Ben & Jerry’s Dempsey Scoop Shop.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

Seriously, Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Creams does go well with Waffles~!

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

During the Ice-Cream Party, there were games being played and in one of the games, participants were blind-folded and they have to guess the flavour of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream. Definitely not easy but certainly a doable task for a fan of Ben & Jerry’s!

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

Special appearance by the DJs from Power 98 FM.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

Jeronimo performed a few numbers for all of us at Ben & Jerry’s Dempsey Scoop Shop.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

A photo with Jeronimo.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

I really love this song, “Firefly”, that Jeronimo performed at the Ice-Cream Party.

Say “Hello” to Woody, Ben & Jerry’s Mascot.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

When Baby and I started dating more than 2 years ago, our favourite hangout spot was the Ben & Jerry’s Heeren Scoop Shop. Indulging in Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream then was a weekly affair. When Heeren underwent a major renovation, our love for Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream never once dwindled. In fact, all thanks to the generous promotions that NTUC Fairprice occasionally has, we often buy two pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream to indulge at home while watching our favourite dramas or movies.

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

Our two favourite Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream flavours are Chunky Monkey and Triple Caramel Chunk. Of course, there are also other flavours such as the Maple Tree Hugger and the Peanut Butter Cup that we fancy a lot.

Chunky Monkey [Image Courtesy of Cake Group]

Maple Tree Hugger [Image Courtesy of Campus]

Well, we hope we ain’t making you salivate at this point in time but we are really happy to announce that we’re one of Ben & Jerry’s Moolets! Hence, if you’re a Ben & Jerry’s Fan like us, you will definitely be able to find out the latest news and insights that are happening at Ben & Jerry’s on our Blog!

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

So first up, we will like to announce to all of you that Ben & Jerry’s annual FREE CONE DAY will be taking place in 5 days time on 9 April 2013, Tuesday, from 12pm to 8pm at seven Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops! The location of the seven Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop are as follows:

1. VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-135/136, 12pm to 8pm
2. Dempsey Hill, Block 8 Dempsey Road, #01-14, 12pm to 8pm
3. The Cathay, Level 1 Atrium, 2 Handy Road, 12pm to 8pm
4. Rochester Mall, 31 Rochester Drive, #01-01, 12pm to 8pm
5. Ben & Jerry’s @ Zoo Entrance, 80 Mandai Lake Road, 12pm to 6pm
6. Fairprice Finest @ TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Road #01-04, 12pm to 8pm
7. Great World City, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-40A, 12pm to 8pm

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

This year’s line-up of funky flavours for Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day are Chocolate Therapy, English Toffee Crunch, Maple Tree Hugger, Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemonade Sorbet! If you’re wondering what’s the best flavour to have on Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, we definitely would recommend Chocolate Therapy and if you just can’t get enough of it, all the major supermarkets in Singapore are currently having a promotion where you can stand a chance to win weekly lucky draw prizes by purchasing 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream [at least 1 have to be Chocolate Therapy flavour]. This promotion is ongoing from now till the end of April!

Chocolate Therapy [Image Courtesy of On Second Scoop]

Apart from making your mouths and bellies happy on Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, we also hope that you will join Ben & Jerry’s in doing some good for the community by raising funds for Project Happy Feet [Ben & Jerry’s fairness partner for Free Cone Day 2013]. Project Happy Feet is a Singapore-based not-for-profit organisation set up to empower the lives of underprivileged youths and children in Singapore and developing countries. It supports education-related initiatives and programmes through fund-raising that can positively impact them or their families.

To further aide Ben & Jerry’s in this cause, the CLEO editorial team will be adopting a Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop at VivoCity. The first 400 Ben & Jerry’s fans in line at the CLEO adopted scoop shop need not worry about the long queues as they will each receive a copy of CLEO’s April issue! To add fudge to your ice cream, CLEO will be throwing in a complimentary three-month digital subscription of CLEO magazine for the first 200 kind fans who donates more than $30 to Project Happy Feet. Now, that’s something to look forward to if you’re heading to Ben & Jerry’s VivoCity Scoop Shop on Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013

With that being said, we have yet another piece of exciting news for all of you. For our Blog Giveaway this April, we are giving away 5X Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream Voucher which you can use to redeem a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Ice-Cream ONLY at Ben & Jerry’s VivoCity Scoop Shop. The voucher is valid till 15 October 2013; so you have about 6 months to utilise it if you win! So, to participate in our Blog Giveaway for the month of April, check out the following link: https://awinsomelife.org/current-blog-giveaway/

See you all at the Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day that will be taking place on 9 April, Tuesday!

From Ben n Jerry’s 2013