Hello Everyone,
this post is actually quite outdated considering the fact that I am only blogging about it now but for memories sake, I am still going to pen down an entry.

130811 (Saturday)

Baby and I planned to do some kite flying that day at Punggol as we were going to have dinner at her sister’s place with her mum. Prior to that, it was raining so heavily and we thought of what other places we could go to spend our day and make it worthwhile. However, thank God the rain stopped and we headed down to Punggol Plaza to buy our very first kite. When we reached the store, we saw so many colourful and attractive kites that we didn’t exactly know which to choose. Despite having flew kites before, we were quite rusty and hence asked the Uncle for advise as to which kite we should choose. The Shop Uncle then pointed to a kite shaped like a Ladybird and we went along with it.

You know, when I was a kid, the kite that I flew was made of paper and some wooden sticks. Now, there are so many choices available and they are much more easier to handle than the traditional ones. Also, in the past, Marina South used to be the hottest place to fly kites. If you were to ask me where I would fly kites now, I would say either Marina Barrage or Punggol  because the winds there are very favourable for flying kites.

We got back to Baby’s Sister’s place and while Baby was preparing to thaw the fish for dinner, I played with the other “Baby”, a green lovebird. It was really cute. I was initially afraid of handling the bird as I heard from Baby that the bird would bite. But eventually, I overcame that fear and even brought it out of the cage to feed and play with it. After thawing the fish, Baby and I headed downstairs to fly our kite in the open field. There were other people who flew kites that day too. And boy, it was so exciting! When it was time for dinner, we packed up and went back, ending the day happy and joyful.

Me Playing with Baby

Kite Flying!

Baby Flying Kite


A Little Kite in The Blue Sky

Here are some links you might want to visit if you would like to purchase kites!






140811 (Sunday)

I woke up pretty late today and didn’t have the intention to go for the 22nd Anniversary Celebration in Church. So, Baby and I were supposed to be meeting up in the afternoon to head down to Suntec City but I was caught by surprise instead. When I called Baby, she was already journeying her way back to Serangoon from Suntec City. When I met her, I saw her with an electric guitar which she bought specially for me. Not only that, she also bought a Logitech Ultimate Ears Earphones for me. I was really touched and speechless because these were really expensive stuffs and I didn’t expected her to buy them as we were both saving up. What’s more, the guitar is really heavy and she lugged it all the way from Suntec to Serangoon! Gosh! After meeting, we went to the NTUC Fairprice near Baby’s place and bought some stuffs to cook for lunch. We caught the movie, “Priest”, had our lunch, and journeyed back to my place for dinner. All in all, this was how we spent our weekends together and we are really happy and satisfied!

Gift from Baby

Gift from Baby

Trying Out The Electric Guitar

Gift from Baby

Lunch that Baby Cooked

Soon to come, I will be putting up my reviews and experiences on the following:

  • Ion Audio’s Electric Guitar
  • Logitech Ultimate 100 Earphones
  • 126 Dim Sum Place
  • Betta Fishes
Stay Tuned!



It’s Sunday and today is a really special day because Baby and I are celebrating our 7 months of being together. Being a new blog that is supported and encouraged by my girlfriend, I dedicate this entire entry to her.
How Did Jacqueline and I Got Together and When was That?

I first knew Jacqueline through a friend of mine. My first meet up with Jacqueline was with Aldaias when we decided to go for supper at Chomp Chomp. After that, we met up a second time right before I left for my Genting cum Kuala Lumpur trip with Aldaias. When I returned from my trip, I decided to ask her out on the 14th of January and that was the day we got together.

What Do I Like About Her and What is so Special About Her?

Jacqueline is not like some of the “girlfriends” I know. She is especially meticulous and attentive to details. Because of that, she’s really sweet so let me just give a few examples:

  • She always bring a spare jacket whenever we go to the movies because she knows how I would always shiver whenever its super cold in the theatre
  • She will always “dabao” my favourite food (rojak, muah chee, otah, duck rice, Macdonalds’) whenever she visits my place
  • She sacrifices a lot just to get my favourite gadgets on special occasions (just so you know, she got me a Wii Console set, 1 controller, with 4 Games for my birthday!)
  • She is someone who cares a lot for other people and is always giving (she was the one who suggested we make an Easter gift for my Cellgroup members)
  • She loves pets (dogs, cats, birds, fishes- or anything that’s cute and furry, even monkeys)
  • She loves movies, ice-cream, chocolate, “tau huay” (anything that’s nice and yummy!)
  • She is super creative! (my brother’s 21’st birthday almost became a Macdonald’s children birthday party with a twist)
  • She can really click with people unlike me, I’m anti-social!
  • When I was still in OCS, she folded my clothes and helped me with preparing dummy grenades & cylume straws while I complete my assignments

And there’s alot more but I shan’t bore you all.

What Are Our Usual Activities?

People say that there isn’t much things to do in Singapore because the place is just so small, but Jacqueline and I don’t really think so. In fact, we often like to laze around at home and catch some variety shows like “Master Chef Australia”, “Hell’s Kitchen”, and “Taiwan News” or perhaps watch some downloaded movies. At times, she will cook for me and boy, everything that she cooks is healthy and yummy! Some other things we enjoy doing together are grocery shopping at midnight and prawning at either Bishan or Pasir Ris till 3-4am in the morning! Life is never boring with her around because it is not what we do that matters, but it is the fact that we enjoy being in each other’s accompany that is important.

Some Things That I Do Which Probably Turns Her Off Is

When I…

  • Spend a lot on unnecessary things
  • Get too obsessed with breeding my Siamese Betta Fishes or Triops
  • Am fickle-minded when making decisions
  • Don’t sleep and spend so much time working on my computer doing my research
  • Play with her hair and disturb her early in the morning

Were There Challenges Faced In Our Relationship and How Did Both of Us Overcome Them?

Yes, and I believe that every relationship has their own set of problems and challenges. I am glad that my girlfriend is really open and honest. Whenever we face a problem, we would call for a timeout and we would talk about it heart to heart, literally. As we both believe that communication is the key to life, we always maintain an open form of communication so that we talk about everything and anything, honestly, and openly. If we can’t find a solution, we would often compromise with one another so that both of us would be in a win-win situation.

How Will The Future Be Like For The Both of Us?

Seriously, even though no one knows the future, one thing that is really clear for the both of us is that we do enjoy each other’s presence and we strive to keep it that way. At the end of the day, we will work hard to stay together and be together for as long as time allows us to.