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When it comes to improving your health, most people would automatically focus on their eating habits, exercise, and sleep quality. But, aside from those factors, your living environment matters for your health, too. Your home is where you spend most of your time, which means you also need to think of ways to keep it a clean, comfortable, and healthy living space. Overall, your home environment is part of you and your family’s health.  

Here Are Eight Simple Tips to Help You Keep A Healthier Home Environment:

  1. Remove Dust Regularly  

Whether you like it or not, your home is bound to harbor a lot of dust every now and then. Thus, it’s essential to remove dust regularly to keep it at bay. When left uncleaned for a long time, this dust can quickly mix up with the indoor air you breathe, adversely affecting your health, especially your respiratory system.   

So, remove dust regularly by using a wet mop to dust off your floors and a moist towel for your furniture pieces. You may use a vacuum cleaner to keep dust off from your carpets and other upholstery.   

  1. Get More Plants And Flowers  

Aside from adding a touch of greenery to your interiors, plants and flowers can also purify your indoor air. These houseplants are known to filter out toxins from the air and release cleaner oxygen to humidify the air. What’s more, the presence of plants and flowers is known to help reduce stress, improve your moods, and make you more productive in your tasks at home.   

If you’re new to houseplants, you can start adding greenery to your home by getting low-maintenance plants, like palms, snake plants, ZZ plants, and peace lilies. You can also check The Bouqs Plants selection and other similar catalogs so you can take your time to browse different houseplants without waiting in long lines.

Overall, bringing in houseplants and flowers into your home will remind you of nature, bring a sense of tranquillity, and make your home fresher, more welcoming, and cleaner.   

  1. Practice Mindful Buying 

If you wish to prevent the accumulation of toxins in your living space, you need to pay attention to what you bring inside your home in the first place. For instance, buying and using plastics may bring forth health effects, such as behavioral changes, hormone disruption, or, worst, cancer. Materials like wall paints and carpets are also known to release or use synthetic materials that could rub off your skin and cause irritation. 

The point here is that being mindful and conscious of what you buy helps you decide whether to use synthetic things or go for organic and natural. Other than that, you might also need to sometimes question yourself if buying something new is necessary at all. 

  1. Wash Your Dishes Immediately 

Some homeowners tend to easily overlook those dishes left on the sink, and only clean them at the end of the day or the next day. But, the thing is that the way you clean and handle your dishes is also part of keeping a healthy home environment.

So, as part of your home cleaning routine, practice washing your dishes immediately after every meal. Moreover, make sure to wash them properly to prevent leaving food scraps and other stains, which could cause mold growth. 

  1. Utilize Fresh Air 
sofa chair beside window
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Instead of using those toxic and harmful air fresheners to improve the smell of your space, you can pull back your drapes and open the windows. Not only will this let radiant sunlight into your home, but this also lets the natural fresh air flush out your polluted indoor air. So, during the day, make it a habit to open your windows every morning. 

  1. Declutter  

Clutter is one of the most dominating culprits of an untidy and unclean home. The piles of clutter won’t only destroy your home’s tranquillity and relaxing vibe, but they’ll also accumulate more dust particles. Make sure to assign one day per week for decluttering to avoid getting overwhelmed when trying to declutter the entire house at once.  

  1. Disinfect Doorknobs 

You might be surprised to know that your doorknobs are some of the dirtiest spots in your home. That’s because plenty of hands can touch your doorknobs, and you might never know where those hands came from before touching them. As much as possible, regularly disinfect every doorknob you have around the house using a microfiber cloth and a disinfectant spray.  

  1. Use An Air Purifier 

Indoor air pollution is a common issue for most homeowners, and, unfortunately, it’s also something that’s easily overlooked. Polluted indoor air can bring harmful effects to your health as well as your family’s. To filter out air pollutants and reduce odors, consider using an air purifier. You can place one in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, as these are the areas that are often affected by odor and dust. 


With these simple tips, you can improve your home environment and make it a cleaner and healthier place to live in. Remember, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy home should go hand in hand to achieve a healthy and thriving life.