acting skills


The entertainment industry is not for the faint-hearted. The road to fame and fortune is littered with broken dreams and for every success story, there are a thousand people who never made it as a professional actor. This is not to say you won’t ever make a living in the industry, but it’s important to maintain a sense of realism. Most successful actors spend many years in the wilderness before they score their lucky break – and often, “luck” is what it takes to be a success.

Despite the trials and tribulations that you will almost certainly face in your quest to be an actor, with talent and determination, you can have a career treading the boards on stage or on a TV or movie set. Here’s what you need to know to get your career off to a flying start.

Start Early

If acting is in your blood, you will be a performer from a very young age. You are unlikely to go into the industry if performing in front of an audience makes your blood run cold; so take every opportunity to score parts in school plays, amateur theatre groups, and any other venues where you can hone your talent.

Learn the Right Skills

Acting is a job like any other, so you will need the right skills. Going to drama school is a tried and tested route into the entertainment industry, so if you are still at school but have a burning desire to act, now would be a good time to look at suitable schools where your talent can be nurtured. This acting school can help mould you into a performer – they offer day and night classes and you can pay weekly.

You don’t need to be a young and gifted entertainer to benefit from acting classes. Anyone can sign up. It’s a great way to learn new skills and learn about up-and-coming casting calls. You may even be spotted by a casting director, agent, or producer!

Build a Resume

The more experience you have, the better, so apply for as many acting jobs as possible. Even if you aspire to work in the theatre, don’t dismiss other types of work, as all experience counts. A full resume is much better than a sparsely populated resume unless you are just starting out, of course.

Hire an Agent

In the early days, you won’t need an agent, but if you take your career seriously, an agent will prove invaluable. Their job is to maximise their network of contacts in the industry to get you auditions for suitable roles. Many auditions won’t be advertised, so without an agent, you wouldn’t know about them.


Work hard to build a network of contacts within the industry. Thanks to social media, this is now easier than ever. Build your brand by creating a website and keeping it updated with news, links to your work product, and anything else that might catch the eye of a producer or casting director.

If acting is your dream, don’t give up. You will have your chance to shine!