2017 renault megane sedan



It has been such a trying time last month with all the different matters that we have to attend to and because we haven’t had the opportunity to share about our driving experience with the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège, we thought it would be apt to do so now!

The First Impression

We fell in love with the sporty looking All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège at the first instance. It’s really sleek and the curves are well-positioned at all the right places.


Standing out of the crowd with precise lines, sculpted shoulders and generous proportions, the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège flaunts a coupe-like silhouette and masterful finishes that is set to turn heads on every journey.


Exuding a bold and commanding presence on the road, there’s so much to love about the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège.

The Interior

The interior features a luxurious cabin with plush upholstery, refined finishing touches, and state-of-the-art multimedia system that invigorate the senses. Revealing a desire to take comfort to a whole new level, the inviting driving experience certainly offers an unrivalled pleasure on every journey.


The Driving Experience

Engineered with an array of cutting-edge technologies including the latest Renault MULTI-SENSE and intuitive driver assistance systems, we were very intrigued by the sporty stance that the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège has to offer.


Powered by a torquey 1.5L dCi turbocharged engine which delivers an impressive 250Nm of torque from just 1,750rpm; the responsive All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège takes on typical start-stop urban traffic with ease.


Frequent visits to the pump will be a thing of the past with the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège as it continues to impress with its amazingly low fuel consumption of just 3.7L/100km

With an energetic response and remarkable fuel economy, the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège also qualifies for class-leading CEVS green rebate, thanks to its responsibly low CO2 emissions of only 95g/km.


As with all diesel-powered cars, engine noise is essentially a concern but if you turn on the stereo system, the engine noise becomes barely audible. Although I have to admit that the engine is punchy and torquey, the acceleration felt like a drag even when I floored the pedal hard.


For the price of SGD$124,999 with COE (at the time of writing), the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège is a sporty luxurious sedan car that offers a full suite of functions (blind sport detection, sunroof, keyless entry with auto lock, automatic wipers and etc.) that no other car brands are able to match.


If you are looking for a fully-functional and pocket-friendly sedan car that is fuel efficient and has the looks; the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège is definitely a great buy.

For more information about the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège, visit Renault Singapore or head down to the nearest Renault Showroom over the weekends!