A Better Florist – Beautiful Blooms that Tell Stories

If you’re ever in Singapore and need flowers whose beauty speak more than your words ever will, then you should turn to those who know how to tell the best tales – A Better Florist.

In the sea of florists that give the same promises and guarantees, with undeniably beautiful yet conventional bouquets, this online florist in Singapore stands out with their Instagram-worthy blooms.

Let’s start off with the pure obvious; the overall stunning appearance. These blooms aren’t what you’ll normally see at a florist, which is quite the refreshing change. These beautifully handcrafted bundles of joy are a very distinct combination of flowers and colours that will catch your eye and you can’t stop staring from the very first glance. Apart from their beauty, they are also as fresh as they can be.

Take one glance at this bouquet, and tell us you’re not in love (be honest).

A Better Florist makes sure that the blooms are in their freshest and most beautiful state; otherwise, they won’t be used in bouquets. There’s honestly nothing worse than looking forward to your bouquet and then realising that the petals are half way withered. These guys grow their flowers on a farm in Cameron Highlands where they grow until they are just right to be picked up by the talented A Better Florist Team.

As for the price point, they are quite affordable and that’s not just our subjective opinion. Their prices for bouquets, arrangements and bundles are very decent, and they do represent the quality that you’re getting. But, that’s not all, there’s a special offer for all newbies at A Better Florist. If you’re ordering for the first time from this happy bloomcrew, you get to take advantage of a very special offer! And who can say no to a special price?

Another reason why we love this florist isn’t just the freshness, beauty and price, but also their delivery. It’s absolutely amazing how a florist that has a fairly small team is able to handle all the tasks and yet is able to deliver nationwide, basically everywhere in Singapore! They also have a guarantee that you’ll get your flowers within 90 minutes and so far, we haven’t seen any complaints or negative reviews! Kudos to A Better Florist for being one of the most efficient florists we’ve ever encountered.

We’d like to thank A Better Florist, for enabling us to have our very own piece of beauty in just a few easy clicks.

Entertainment Hacks to Stave Off the Boredom

Staving off the boredom that strikes you can quickly become your number one priority when you’re stuck for things to do. But there are plenty of entertainment hacks that will keep you busy. You just need to get creative and make sure that you have the right ideas and know the right tricks. The ideas below will help you get started.

Try Free Online Games and Get Engrossed

The internet is packed full of so many great free games, you just need to make the most of them. You can easily get lost in these games once you get started. Of course, these are not the very best games in the world. If they were, you wouldn’t be able to play them for free on your internet browser. But that doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed either. If they hold your attention and keep you occupied, then they are certainly worth investing some time in. So, try to make sure that you give these games a chance the next time you’re bored. You might be surprised by what you find.

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Get Lost in a Netflix Series That You’ve Never Seen Before

There are so many fantastic shows on Netflix, and you should give them a try when you’re bored. Yes, starting a show that has dozens of episodes can be pretty daunting to begin with. But once you get started, you won’t be able to peel your eyes off the TV screen. That’s the joy of getting lost in these modern series. They grip you, and they never let go. You can go to www.securethoughts.com if you want to view these things for free. If you’ve never paid attention to the long form TV series that people rave about, now is the time to change all that.

Invest in a Home Cinema Setup

This is not something that will help you improve your entertainment options right this second. But by investing in a great home cinema setup, you will be able to make sure that you have all the right things in place to ensure boredom doesn’t become a problem again in the future. It can be costly to make this kind of investment in your home entertainment setup, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it. It could turn out to be one of the best things that you ever do. Go to  gizmodo.com/set-up-your-home-theater if you want to learn more about doing this.

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Go Back to Basics and Play a Game with the Family

Going back to basics can also yield fantastic results when you want to stave off the boredom and get everyone enjoying each other’s company in your home. There is often nothing better than getting together as a family to have fun and play a game. It can be something as simple as an old board game. Often, the old ones are the best when it comes to games. So, give it a shot and have fun collectively in your household if you can.

We hope that these entertainment hacks will help you to stave off the boredom and if you have any other fantastic ideas and suggestions, do share it with us in the comments section below!

Singapore’s Largest Home-Grown Retail Electronics Store Launches First Ever Online Store

Psst… we have a secret to share with you and if you’re reading this blog post at this hour; you’re in luck!

Audio House, one of Singapore’s largest home-grown retail electronics store, has just launched their first ever online store along with their membership programme and you can check it out at Audiohouse.com.sg.

Now, anyone can sign up as an Audio House Member and get SGD$60 free credits instantly and these credits can be used to offset SGD$20 with every SGD$100 spent. But if you sign up exactly on 25 May 2017 between 0000 to 2359 hours; you get an additional SGD$40 credits, which makes it SGD$100 free credits that you can instantly use upon immediate signup.

Here are 3 reasons why you should sign up!

1. If you are a first-time homeowner and you have just completed your house renovation, this is the best opportunity for you to purchase your home and kitchen appliances. From washing machine to television and even the refrigerator, there’s definitely something that you can get for your new home at Audio House. What’s more, you get 20% off your purchase!

2. Membership is free and it is valid for a lifetime! Since you get SGD$100 free credits which you can use immediately, why not seize this opportunity to also replace the old household appliances that you have always wanted to replace?

3. Since Fathers’ Day is just round the corner and if you’re having some difficulty trying to think of what you can get for your techie dad, you should check out Audio House Online Store! Whether it’s a home entertainment system or a wine cooler, I’m pretty sure you can find something for your dad here.

Well, don’t wait any longer! This promotion is only valid for sign-ups on 25 May 2017 between 0000 to 2359 hours so hurry and sign up now!

Mizuno Ekiden 2017 Coming to The Promontory @ Marina Bay On 19 August

I have participated in the Mizuno Ekiden Run since it’s inauguration in 2015 and every edition of the race is different because there are always new developments that cater to runners of all ages and background. This year will see Mizuno Singapore staging the third edition of the Mizuno Ekiden Run, which is a relay-styled long distance run and it will be held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay on 19 August 2017.

Capping the capacity at 5,000 runners, this year’s race hopes to target an increased participation from regional countries with the introduction of the ‘Running Club Category’. The Running Club category is open to all running clubs in Southeast Asia that have been active for at least three months and all team members must be residents or permanent residents of any ASEAN country. The winning team of the ‘Running Club Category’ can stand to win the top prize of SGD$2,200 worth of cash and vouchers.

If you have not participated in the Mizuno Ekiden Run before and you’re wondering how such a relay-styled long distance run is carried out, here’s how it is done; runners will participate in teams of four where the first runners of each team will flag off while donning a traditional tasuki sash. Upon completing his or her leg of the relay, the sash will be passed to the second runner who will be waiting at the transition area. This process will continue until the sash is donned by the fourth runner, who will then finish the race and join the rest of his or her team members at the finish line.

The first ekiden race was held in 1917, in conjunction with celebrating the anniversary of the moving of the capital to Tokyo. The ekiden race was held over three days between the old Japanese capital of Kyoto and the modern capital of Tokyo with the total distance amounting to 508 km.

The original concept of the race stems from Japan’s communication and transportation system during the olden days, in which stations were posted at intervals along the road. The word Eki, means station and den, represents transmit. The tasuki can be likened by many to a baton in track-and-field relay races, but in actual fact, the tasuki means more than just a baton. Each tasuki is thought to represent the honour not only of the team itself but of the university, company, or region that the team comes from. Thus, it is the tasuki’s symbolic significance that makes an ekiden race unique.

On a more personal note, I have always enjoyed running the Mizuno Ekiden because it spurs my team to display remarkable performance in intense and challenging situations while fostering friendship and showcasing commendable Japanese values such as perseverance, resilience and teamwork.

Since this year’s race will take place from 4 pm in the late afternoon onwards, the weather will be pretty hot so do hydrate yourselves sufficiently and strategize accordingly to get the most out of the race.

What I enjoy most about the Mizuno Ekiden is the Matsuri Race Village where I could have a nice celebratory dinner with my teammates over a wide array of traditional and popular Japanese gourmet such as sushi, ramen, and desserts after a good race. If you’re a fan of all things Japanese; you should definitely head down to the Matsuri Race Village since entry is free and there’s a string of Japanese activities and performances lined up for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

As for the race registration, runners can register in teams of four across four categories; the Open Category (42.195km), the Open Category (21.1km), the Corporate category (21.1km), and the newest category in 2017, the Running Club category.

For more information about the event, do visit http://mizunoekiden.sg or https://www.facebook.com/MizunoEkiden.

Distant Road Trips: A Few Considerations Before You Set Off

Road trips are fantastic ways to go out and see more of the world in the comfort of your own vehicle. However, there’s a lot of planning involved especially if you want to see more than just your own country or state. If you want to try and drive a long distance for your road trip, then here are a couple of things to consider to keep yourself safe and enjoy more of your freedom.

Woman on Top of Car


Safe and Sound

The first major concern you need to have on your mind is safety. Remember that you need car insurance in case something goes wrong with your vehicle. Although some places don’t actually require car insurance, it’s an essential safety net that you should always invest in. Make sure you also have a first aid kit in your car in the event that you or a passenger ends up in an accident or needs immediate medical attention. During road trips, you probably won’t be close to any hospitals and if you’re in unfamiliar territory you might have a difficult time contacting emergency services. Practice some basic first aid skills so that you’re never left in a bad situation.

Stay Entertained

Driving around without any kind of direction isn’t very fun. If you’re going to travel for long periods of time in the car, then you need to keep yourself entertained. Here’s a great tip: carry a couple of portable battery banks. They’re inexpensive, can be charged at hotels or hostels that you sleep in, and it’s better than risking your own car battery by using the in-car power. With several battery banks, you can keep the tunes playing in your car, you can watch a movie or two on a tablet device when you’ve pulled over for the night, and it will give your passengers something to do outside of staring at the scenery.

Plan Ahead

Part of the fun of a road trip is exploring the world, but it doesn’t mean you have to drive around aimlessly. Plan your road trip so that you’ve got plenty of things to do, be it travelling from one town to another and stopping to eat at famous places, or even visiting museums and other cultural places to soak in the sights and sounds. The more you plan, the more restricted your road trip will be, so it’s important to give yourself a couple of days to explore the destinations you arrive at.

Carry Some Outdoor Gear

When you go on a road trip, one of the things you’ll see a lot of is big open fields. If you carry some camping equipment such as a tent and a portable stove, you’ll have lots of entertainment by simply sleeping out in fields and playing games like the frisbee. It’s great to soak in the sun as well if you plan to take your trip in the Summer, but keep in mind that a lot of lands is privately owned and you’ll be considered trespassing if you aren’t careful. Keep this in mind and plan the places you visit so that you don’t end up in trouble.