What We Think Of The Recently-Launched LG G6 Smartphone!

People often associate the number 6 as a lucky number and I was very privileged (lucky) to have the opportunity to “own” the LG G6 for this feature that I am about to write.

The First Impression

The LG G6 is solidly built and it feels good in the hand. I really like the stylish metallic design at the back and every part of the phone feels premium and not plasticky. In fact, I daresay that the LG G6 is the best-looking phone that LG has ever made.

LG G6 01_all


When I pushed the “on” button, the boot time certainly took quite a while but once I got right to the main menu, things started to get more familiar. The user interface appeared to be quite similar as that of the Apple iOS and any apps that are installed will very much fill up the home screen like the iPhone as the LG G6 doesn’t have the traditional app drawer.

What is LG G6’s most unique selling point would be its cinematic viewing experience that is made possible by the 18:9 Quad High Definition+ FullVision display. Not only is it the first smartphone to feature Dolby Vision technology, the LG G6 also supports HDR 10. As such, it displays more vividly the darkest and brightest areas of a video for a thrilling experience.

G6_Ice Platinum_on shot_01

Photography enthusiasts will also appreciate the fact that the LG G6 retains the dual-camera system that offers both the standard and wide-angle lenses 13-MP sensors.

The Square Camera Mode has also been praised for offering new ways to create photos. The Snap shot splits the screen into two, with the upper half being a viewfinder while the bottom half allows us to preview the photo taken for easy comparison.

LGG6 Square Camera

With the Match shot, it gives us the ability to juxtapose two different photos such as an ice cream cone with fluffy cotton candy to create a new photo. Spilt into four quadrants, the Grid shot allows us to directly create a collage with photo and video contents. Last but not the least, the Guide shot acts a guide for the next photo and this allows us to match the composition of a chosen image even with different backdrops.

Although I really like how the LG G6 gives me the opportunity to be creative with my photographs, I feel that the photos taken are not so accurate although it does appear sharp and crisp on the display.

LGG6 001

In terms of its specifications and performance, the LG G6 sports a Snapdragon 821, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and ample space for microSD card expansion. If durability is a deciding factor for you, you will be pleased to know that the LG G6 boasts IP68 water and dust resistance, which means it can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for long as 30 minutes. As such, heavy duty users can relish a carefree experience and worry less about accidental drops in water and spillages.

Water & Dust Resistant_1

Battery wise, I personally think it falls short as it was completely drained by the time I was about to leave work for home. However, thanks to the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 tech, the battery does fills up pretty quickly.


I will conclude to say that the LG G6 is a multimedia powerhouse that will entice people who spend most of their time streaming web content. With its stylish design and solid build, I won’t be surprise if people decides to own the LG G6 not just for its dual-camera feature.

For the price of SGD$988, the LG G6 comes with an extended 12-month warranty for a total of 24 months of warranty with a free flip case worth SGD$58.

LG G6 Premium Phone Case

What’s more, if you’re a StarHub subscriber and you sign up for a 2-year HomeHub Go 1Gbps plan with the LG G6, you will receive a FREE LG 43” 4K UHD TV worth SGD$1,388!

The LG G6 comes in astro black, ice platinum and mystic white colours; and is available at M1, Singtel, StarHub and other LG authorized retailers.

For more information about the LG G6, check out the official website now!

All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Diesel 1.5T Privilège dCi (A)

It has been such a trying time last month with all the different matters that we have to attend to and because we haven’t had the opportunity to share about our driving experience with the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège, we thought it would be apt to do so now!


The First Impression

We fell in love with the sporty looking All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège at the first instance. It’s really sleek and the curves are well-positioned at all the right places.


Standing out of the crowd with precise lines, sculpted shoulders and generous proportions, the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège flaunts a coupe-like silhouette and masterful finishes that is set to turn heads on every journey.


Exuding a bold and commanding presence on the road, there’s so much to love about the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège.

The Interior

The interior features a luxurious cabin with plush upholstery, refined finishing touches, and state-of-the-art multimedia system that invigorate the senses. Revealing a desire to take comfort to a whole new level, the inviting driving experience certainly offers an unrivalled pleasure on every journey.


The Driving Experience

Engineered with an array of cutting-edge technologies including the latest Renault MULTI-SENSE and intuitive driver assistance systems, we were very intrigued by the sporty stance that the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège has to offer.


Powered by a torquey 1.5L dCi turbocharged engine which delivers an impressive 250Nm of torque from just 1,750rpm; the responsive All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège takes on typical start-stop urban traffic with ease.


Frequent visits to the pump will be a thing of the past with the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège as it continues to impress with its amazingly low fuel consumption of just 3.7L/100km

With an energetic response and remarkable fuel economy, the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège also qualifies for class-leading CEVS green rebate, thanks to its responsibly low CO2 emissions of only 95g/km.


As with all diesel-powered cars, engine noise is essentially a concern but if you turn on the stereo system, the engine noise becomes barely audible. Although I have to admit that the engine is punchy and torquey, the acceleration felt like a drag even when I floored the pedal hard.


For the price of SGD$124,999 with COE (at the time of writing), the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège is a sporty luxurious sedan car that offers a full suite of functions (blind sport detection, sunroof, keyless entry with auto lock, automatic wipers and etc.) that no other car brands are able to match.


If you are looking for a fully-functional and pocket-friendly sedan car that is fuel efficient and has the looks; the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège is definitely a great buy.

For more information about the All-New Renault MÉGANE Sedan Privilège, visit Renault Singapore or head down to the nearest Renault Showroom over the weekends!

Easy, Rider: Motorcycle Safety Tips

File:Police Motorcycle motion blur in Manhattan NYC.jpg

Everyone knows that there is nothing cooler than owning a motorcycle. Yes, weaving through traffic in leathers is about daring as becoming a full-time superhero. And when the bike opens up, the feeling of power is all-consuming.

But, before the intoxicating imagery of a motorcycle compels you to make a purchase, there is something to consider. That something is safety, and it’s paramount. Okay, so cars are more dangerous from a statistical point of view. However, that doesn’t mean that motorcycles aren’t potentially dangerous.

To make sure you don’t end up in a heap on the road, here are some safety features to consider.

Don’t Buy Too Much Bike

Visit a web page like https://www.dolmanlaw.com/legal-services/motorcycle-accident-attorneys and you’ll learn a thing or two. The main thing you will learn is that a motorcycle accident occurs because of negligence. Now, it might not be your negligence, yet it takes two to tango. With that in mind, it’s essential that you treat your responsibility with respect. The first thing to notice is when the bike is too much for you to handle. Please don’t let your ego get in the way because your ego won’t help in an accident. Be truthful about your skills on a bike and choose one that complements your talents.

Always Wear A Helmet & Leathers

Sure, it gets hot out, but that’s no excuse to ditch the helmet and leather combination. The main aim of both is to keep you safe. Should you have an accident, the helmet protects your head and the leathers, your body. Keeping cool might seem like a priority, but it is low down on the list. Anyway, the rush of the wind will be enough to cool you down should you overheat. Regardless of the weather or the duration of the journey, a helmet and leathers are essential.

Drive On The Back Foot

Cars are the leading cause of accidents on the road. It isn’t a secret that they are dangerous, which means you shouldn’t drive like you don’t understand the road. As the Boy Scouts say, always be prepared. As a motorcyclist, it is your job to be on the lookout for potential hazards like cars. It’s also a good idea to drive defensively instead of weaving in and out of traffic. A motorist might not see you and can’t react, and that’s dangerous. Be the one to respond by driving sensibly and not taking too many risks.

Check The Bike

You and the bike are at one on the road. Anything you do, the bike will do and vice versa. If the bike does something out of character, then, you will bear the brunt of the pain. The trick is to prevent anything out of the ordinary from occurring. To do that, check the bike on regular occasions. All it takes is a quick sweep of the motorcycle to make sure all the safety features work. Turn on the lights, beep the horn, and apply the brakes.

If they work, you’re ready to turn into a (safe) easy rider.

Book Giveaway: Empowering Millennials by Vivek Iyyani

I was at the Starbucks Outlet at Waterway Point one evening to meet with Vivek Iyyani, author of “Empowering Millennials” and we had a very fruitful meeting about the book that he recently launched.

Like him, we share similar passion for coaching, training, and mentoring and we believe that Millennials are the next generation of people who will shift habits, attitudes, and mindsets for the next generation (Generation Z) to emulate.

I don’t know if you see this as a form of good news or bad news but if you are born between 1980 to 2000, you are considered a Millennial.

I suppose you must have went like, “What? You got to be kidding me! I thought Millennials are those born in the year 2000 and onwards?!”

Well, you are not alone and I had the same assumption as well. Most of the time, we assume that Millennials are those who are born from the year 2000 onwards but if you’re not convinced, take a look at the list below and see if you can identify yourself with any of them:

You keep your young children occupied by passing them a tablet or smartphone.

You have shopped at least once on either Amazon, Qoo10, Lazada or Taobao.

You have a bucket list (wish list) of things you want to do before you reach a certain age i.e. visit this place and that place, learn this and learn that, do this and do that.

You spend more time using your mobile smartphone now when compared to the very first time you own a mobile phone 10-20 years ago.

You use at least one social media platform to connect with people i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, and etc.

You value unique experiences like travelling the world and eating exquisite food over material possessions like the 5Cs (car, cash, credit card, condominium, country club membership).

You have used the services of Uber, Grab, Food Panda, or Deliveroo at least once

The list can go on and on and on and I hope that you are pretty much convinced that you are a Millennial because we certainly do a lot of the above, more than the Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 to 1964) or the Generation X (those born between 1965 to 1979).

Now, truth be told. We Millennials are in for an exciting time ahead because after the Baby Boomers, we are the next largest generation of people who have entered or are entering the workforce. What this also means is that we will also be the ones who will be assuming key appointments and positions in society in the next 10-20 years. This is why, what we do now to prepare ourselves for that time and purpose is more important and urgent than it was before.

In Vivek’s book, “Empowering Millennials”; he mentioned that the top 5 challenges that Millennials face today and they are as follows:

Millennials lack clarity. Millennials want to believe in a strong cause but they don’t know what and how to gain that sense of clarity.

Millennials lack alignment. Millennials set really big goals but their actions are completely misaligned with their goals.

Millennials lack patience. Millennials want instant success and do not build the necessary habits they require to attract success.

Millennials lack resilience. Millennials are also being named the Strawberry Generation for not being able to handle failure and pick themselves up after they face setbacks.

Millennials lack productivity. Millennials are the digital natives and they kill productivity by constantly multi-tasking. People who chase 2 rabbits catch neither.

Do you find this to be true?

Well, if you do, I highly encourage you to read Vivek’s book, “Empowering Millennials”. In it, you will find practical and helpful tips via a step-by-step approach to help you overcome the top 5 challenges that we Millennials face in every day.

Not sure if Empowering Millennials is the book for you?

You should consider reading this book if:

You are currently unemployed because you either don’t know the career that you want for yourself or you have changed multiple jobs in the last few years- no fun.

You are currently employed but you are working in a job you may not necessarily enjoy, that provides no work-life balance and you continue only because it pays the debts and bills- no freedom.

You are in your dream job but you are not progressing fast enough to live the lifestyle you dreamed of- no fortune.

Vivek’s book will be available at all major book stores from end April and if you prefer some form of convenience, you can order it directly from his website for SGD$25.

We have one autographed copy of Empowering Millennials to be given away. If you are keen to win this book, you can do so below.

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Ways to Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that in today’s business environment, having a social media presence is one of the keys to success. As Fortune suggests, not making full use of social media is not just ill-advised; it may also become “a serious business liability”. However, it isn’t enough to simply be present on social media; it needs to be used effectively to see forward momentum. This seems deceptively simple, but having a clear goal and assessing your progress is key to expanding brand awareness. Decide which platforms will best fit your needs and work from there.

Image result for social media marketing


Image result for visualise quote

Decide what you are looking to get out of your business’s social media experience and how best to achieve those goals. This will help narrow your focus regarding which platforms in which to invest your resources. For example, a publishing company may decide to pass over Snapchat completely as there will be little need for live video representation. On the other hand, an upstart downtown bakery decides to use the app to clue potential customers in on daily deal, limited menu items, or pop up locations. A company whose needs are met more by written word may focus their energy on Twitter, sharing updates and engaging interested parties. Pinterest may be the path of choice for a photo based strategy. Regardless of your needs, there is a platform out there that will help maximize exposure.

Meet Expectations

In the digital age, consumers expect a tailored media experience; easy to navigate web pages, mobile friendly layouts, and quick response times. Users now, more than ever, expect information to be readily available 24/7. Not meeting these needs will certainly alienate potential customers. Don’t let this be daunting; allow this to challenge you to continue learning and growing in order to bring something new to the table. Focused content marketing can raise your brand to new levels. Whether it be a skill like image editing or a venture into audio and video, your skills should help you keep up with the ever progressing landscape of social media.

Push the Limits

Don’t just lean on standbys like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to spread the word. Make old things new again by integrating updated tools. For example, take advantage of live streaming via Facebook in conjunction with other programs such as the BlueJeans onSocial platform; this allows multiple presenters to broadcast their content to many locations in real time! Considering how much time the average user spends on Facebook, this presents an excellent chance to reach a new audience. Also, consider using hash tags and interacting with customers who have interacted with your business via social media. Outreach can be an important part of your strategy. Seeking to make a positive emotional tie with customers is a great way to keep them coming back. Most importantly; be authentic, be human.

Know Your Goals

While its good to have a presence in as many places as makes sense, avoid rehashing the same content over social media platforms. Keep each experience new and fresh; consistent but not identical. Maintain a theme. Find something interesting about your brand and build up from that idea; humor is a good way to get people talking and keep them engaged. Know what it is that you want to convey and find the best ways to deliver that to consumers in ways that will generate return on your social media investment. What are you looking to accomplish? Don’t waste resources where you don’t see results. The S.M.A.R.T method is a good starting point to set goals for what you want to accomplish- goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound; a clear guideline for avenues you may choose to pursue.

In summary, social media marketing is an integral facet of advertising your business or brand. It not only keeps you relevant to the consumer, but also ensures you don’t stagnate in the constantly evolving world of competitive business. Keep your content interesting and varied; continue learning new skills and honing those you already have. Know what you expect to achieve from each platform you use. With the above suggestions, you should be well prepared to wield the potential power of social media marketing.