Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Movie [2012]

Hello Everyone,

Baby and I recently caught the movie, “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” at Shaw NeX and to be honest, the movie wasn’t really fantastic. If you ask for my honest opinions, don’t catch the movie because it is a total waste of money.

The storyline was quite imbalanced and there were a lot of scenes that somehow just didn’t gel the whole plot properly. So, I don’t really recommend you to watch this movie unless you have spare cash and spare time.

The Official Movie Plot [as obtained from Wikipedia] is as follows:

Sean Anderson is caught by police escaping from a satellite research center where he was attempting to access a signal broadcast that was too faint to pick up outside of the facility. Escorted home by his stepfather, Hank Parsons, he eventually reveals that the mysterious broadcast he was attempting to access was a set of indistinguishable words that he is trying to decode. Hank, in an attempt to bond with his stepson, solves the code which eventually reveals the co-ordinates for the Mysterious Island, which were hidden in three novels- Treasure Island, Gulliver’s Travels and Verne’s Mysterious Island. Sean believes that his long lost grandfather was the one behind the transmission, and that he has discovered the island. Sean and Hank immediately set out for the island of Palau. Both Hank and his wife, Liz, don’t believe anything that Sean is convinced of, such as the fact that the Mysterious Island could exist and that his grandfather discovered it, but after Hank considers that this trip could help bring him closer to his usual anti-social step son, the couple decide it would be ideal. Once arriving at Palau, they board a private helicopter run by Gabato and his daughter Kailani, whom Sean immediately develops a crush on. The four travel to the co-ordinates until their helicopter is hit by a freak storm, causing them to crash on the island. Eventually they manage to make their way inland where they finally meet Sean’s grandfather. He leads them back to his hut where they spend the night. Once it is determined that a radio signal for a distress call can only be sent once a fortnight, it is decided that the group will stay put until then. The next day the five travel to the lost city of Atlantis, buried far back in the jungles. There Hank finds evidence to believe that the island is slowly sinking. It is revealed through Sean’s grandfather that the island sinks underwater once every 140 years or so due to shifting tectonic plates, and that they still have years before the next cycle begins. Hank’s recent discovery however shows that Sean’s grandfather’s calculations are wrong and that the island will sink in a few days. From there the group set out to Captain Nemo’s tomb, which contains his journal holding the whereabouts of the legendary submarine, The Nautilus, their only hope of escaping on time. Once the journal is uncovered, they set out towards Nautilus, encountering various obstacles in their path. Sean’s foot is dislocated after a dog fight involving a giant bird, and the group is slowed down. The next morning it is discovered that Gabato has left the group to return to a previously passed volcano of gold, which he believes is his and Kailani’s only hope of living a decent life. Kailani and Sean’s grandfather set out to find him while Hank and Sean continue to look for the Nautilus. Once at the submarine’s entrance, the two are disheartened to find that the rising sea level has buried the cave underwater and that they must dive to where it is located. Using a simple breathing device, they manage to reach the submarine and open the entrance hatch, narrowly avoiding a nasty encounter with a giant electric eel. Kailani and Sean’s grandfather eventually find Gabato and convince him to return to the submarine. Once there, they are distraught to discover that Hank and Sean are nowhere in sight. Unbeknownst to them, the pair are attempting to start the submarine, although the batteries are long exhausted. Hank devises a plan to use the eel to conduct enough electricity to kick start the Nautilus, and equipping a basic diving suit, exits the sub to confront the eel and throw a harpoon at it. Once the submarine starts, they quickly travel to the surface and retrieve the other three. Six months later, Gabato is head of a successful tourism movement on Palau, and has enough money to send Kailani to the United States where she is dating Sean and attending college.

The Video Trailer is as shown below:

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Awesome Deals to Check Out Today!

Hello Everyone,

here’s a roundup of some awesome deals which I feel that you must check out.

For those of you who are food lovers or are planning to have a mass gathering of family, company, or friends. Here are some suitable deals to check out.

Food Deal 1

50% OFF! Charcoal Grill Steamboat & BBQ Dinner at Smokeless Palace (Located at Keong Saik Road, Near Outram Park) ONLY $11.80 nett per pax instead of $23.60 (Min 2 Pax)

Click on the following image for more details!

Conveniently located at the heart of Chinatown (walking distance from Outrum MRT)
Best selection of Pork, Beef and Curry Chicken meat season to perfection
Hearty portions that makes your dining affair a surreal heavenly pleasure
Welcoming atmosphere and cosy interior (air-conditioned)
Be entitled to a 15% discount when you order additional food items (side orders only)

Food Deal 2

52% OFF Chong Qing Hotpot Buffet + Free Flow Dim Sum + Free Flow Home-made Green Bean Drink @ Chuan Jiang Hao Zi (West Coast Plaza/Chinatown) ONLY $23.80 Nett instead of $49.30!

Click on the following image for more details!

Authentic Szechuan Chong Qing Hotpot Buffet
Free flow of ingredients
Different kinds of broths (Herbal Chicken broth or Spicy and Numbing chilli broth)

Food Deal 3

Valentine’s Day Special! 39% OFF! 4-Course CNY Set Meal. $26 instead of $52 Includes Soup of the Day + Starter + Choice of Main Course + One Glass of Wine + One Drink + One Premium Dessert at Sweet Dynasty Cafeteria. FREE 30% return visit voucher!

This food deal is especially quite value for money and could be a choice dining place for Valentine’s Day! To make sure that you don’t miss out on this deal, quickly buy this deal and immediately give the cafe a call so as to make your reservation for Valentine’s Day!

Click on the following image for more details!

Satisfying 4-course dinner
Perfect for any occasion
Great place to hang out with fellow foodies
This Valentine’s Day set meal includes the following;
Main Course Choices: (choose any one)
Lamb Shank Stew (Red Wine) With Mashed Potato & Seasonal Veggies
Chicken Piccatta with Creamy brown Black Pepper sauce & Seasonal Veggies
Salmon Spaghetti with Creamy White Sauce
Sirlion Steak With Black Pepper Sauce & Seasonal Veggies
Soup of the Day
Starter + Choice of Main Course
One Glass of Wine
One Drink
One Premium Dessert at Sweet Dynasty Cafeteria.

For those of you who are planning on a short trip overseas, here are some deals for you to check out!

Travel Deal 1

Up to 70% off 4D3N Bangkok Shopping Spree – Includes Return Air Ticket by Thai Airways + Hotel Stay + Return Airport to Hotel Transfer + Half-Day City Tour (Min 2 Pax)

Click on the following image for more details!

Up to 70% off 4D3N Bangkok Shopping Spree
Only $188 per pax instead of up to $627
Min 2 Pax to travel
Package includes:
4 Days 3 Nights of accommodation at Bangkok City Inn /Diamond City Inn
Daily Breakfast
Return Air Ticket by Thai Airways
Food & drinks served on board
20Kg Check-in + 7Kg Hand-Carry Luggage Allowance Return Airport to Hotel Transfer
Complimentary Half-Day City Tour
Only a short distance from Central World Mall , Big C , Pratunam Mall & Night Market
No weekend & school holiday surcharge!!
Purchase multiple vouchers for your friends and family!

Travel Deal 2

Up to 54% off Genting Stay in Deluxe Room at First World Hotel – Includes Return Coach Ticket + Free Upgrade to Executive Coach (Min 2 Pax) – 3 Price Options Available

Click on the following image for more details!

Genting Stay in Deluxe Room at First World Hotel
World’s largest First World Hotel
Adjoined to First World Plaza, with 500,000 square feet of indoor theme park, retail outlets and eateries
Grand tropical rainforest at entrance and spacious Spanish courtyard lobby
Rooms are comfortably furnished with modern amenities
Enjoy an exciting vacation in Genting at an unbelievably afforadable price!
Package Includes:
Accomodation in Deluxe Room at First World Hotel, Genting
Return coach ticket by Five Stars Tours
Free Upgrade to Executive Class Coach (Subject to availability and available at selected pick-up points only)
3 Price Options Available:
2D1N – Only $69 per pax instead of $125
3D2N – Only $79 per pax instead of $150
3D2N – Only $69 per pax instead of $150 (departure in Feb only)
Many pick-up points to choose from:
Ang Mo Kio (0600 hrs)
Yishun (0615 hrs)
Kovan (0615 hrs)
Bedok (0615 hrs)
Sembawang (0630 hrs)
Golden Mile Complex (0630 hrs)
People’s Park Complex (0630 hrs)
Compass Point (0630 hrs)
Tampines (0600 hrs)
Jurong East (0645 hrs)
Boon Lay (0700 hrs)
Pick up point for return trip: First World Bus Terminal (1430 hrs)
Optional (payable directly to merchant) :
Extra room and night extension are charged at $45 nett per room per night (Usual Price: $55)
Multiple vouchers may be purchased for friends and family

Stay tuned for more updates here! =)

Avanti Espresso at The Watermark @ Robertson Quay

Hello Everyone,

today is the 7th day of the Chinese New Year and its also known as “Ren Ri‘. So, here’s wishing all of you a Happy Birthday!

Well, Baby and I recently dined at an Italian Cafe which is known as the Avanti Espresso and it is situated at Robertson Quay. We must say, this is perhaps one of the best cafe that we have been to so far and the service rendered was impeccable. What’s more, the dining ambience was just superb and cosy.

And how did we chanced upon the cafe? Well, Baby was just searching for some awesome food deals on Streetdeals and then, she chanced upon this awesome food deal which seemed quite value-for-money. So, I bought the dining voucher which cost me just $19.80 for 2 persons for a 3 Course Authentic Italian Cuisine consisting of a Soup + Main Course + Dessert. If you are searching for a similar deal, Outlet [click for more information] is offering it at a price of $19.90

The Cosy Cafe’s Ambience

From Avanti Expresso
From Avanti Expresso
From Avanti Expresso
From Avanti Expresso
From Avanti Expresso

I bought this dining voucher from Streetdeal at $9.90 and it was definitely worth the money. A similar deal is available on Outlet!

From Avanti Expresso

English Breakfast Tea for Me

From Avanti Expresso

Expresso Coffee for Baby

From Avanti Expresso

1st Course- Cream of Mushroom Soup [soup was served piping, the way I like it! and it was extremely flavourful!]

From Avanti Expresso

Main Course- Arrabiata Ravioli for Baby [Baby enjoyed this very much and the pasta was served at the right texture]

From Avanti Expresso

Main Course- Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese [a classic favourite of mine everytime! and this dish was cooked just right and the sauce was flavourful.]

From Avanti Expresso

Dessert- Cream Puff drizzled with Strawberry Sauce [this is one of the best tasting desserts/cream puffs I have ever tasted! the cream just oozes out upon chewing and the texture was soft. it was very much like a sweet ending to the entire meal.]

From Avanti Expresso
From Avanti Expresso

That’s Me with Chef Alex and the Co-Owner, Mr. Hawafi

From Avanti Expresso

The Outdoor Dining Area [the cafe’s capacity is for 48 people and it’s very suitable for hosting birthday parties, gatherings, and corporate functions.]

From Avanti Expresso

That’s the Owner and Founder of Avanti Espresso [Miss. Selina, a very lovely lady whom is really proud of her 2 boys whom definitely have a promising future!]

From Avanti Expresso

The Outdoor Seating Area [along part of the Singapore River, perfect ambience for a romantic setting!]

From Avanti Expresso

The Overview View of the Cafe

From Avanti Expresso

Us, after our meal walking along the Singapore River

From Avanti Expresso

And, that’s Me!

From Avanti Expresso

Overall, we were really impressed with Avanti Espresso and seriously, you definitely have to check out this gem if you are looking for some awesome Italian food at a romantic location. Oh, and I forgot to add, parking is free-of-charge! So, make your reservations now for Valentine’s Day! =)

Valentine’s Day Deals!

Hello Everyone,

today’s the 4th day of the Chinese New Year and very soon in 19 days time, it would be Valentine’s Day!

Well, if you are unsure of what to get as a gift for your Valentine, here are just some possible gifts that you might want to consider purchasing, especially since they are quite value for money.

Gift Suggestion 1

This is a rather value for money deal and if you want to pamper both your date and yourself at a luxurious spa at a 5-Stars Hotel, you might just want to check this out!

Resort World Sentosa Valentine’s Special! 75% OFF 120mins Premium Blissful Pampering Treats @ Spa Republic! ONLY $88 instead of $346! Enjoy Welcome Drink + Steam Bath + Body Scrub + Back Mask Treatment + Full Body Massage + Dessert!

Click the below picture for more details!

Luxurious spa in 5-star hotel!
Buy 2 vouchers to enjoy the couple room
2 hours of pampering in an exclusive environment!
Choose Indoor OR Poolside Treatment!
Rejuvenation sanctuary in the heart of a buzzing destination
Luxurious. Pampering. Rejuvenating.
120mins Spa Treats include:
Warm Welcome Drink
Revitalizing Steam Bath
Body Exfoliation & Nourishment (Choice of Apple or Rose Salt or Herbal Sea Salt polish)
Back Mask Treatment (Good for Refreshing & Hydrating)
Full Body Massage (Choice of Swedish or Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Shiatsu or Detoxifying or Balinese)
Appetising Dessert

Gift Suggestion 2

Valentine’s Day Special! 38% OFF Bouquet of Roses (12 pieces) for ONLY $59.90 instead of $96.90! Free Handwritten Card and Delivery!

Well, the meaning of 12 roses is, “Be My Steady!”. So, if you guys are planning to ask a gal to go steady with you, this might just be what you need!

Click the below picture for more details!

Package includes:
A 12-Piece Hand Bouquet with complimentary delivery
Handwritten card
Free delivery from 10am – 3pm on Valentine’s day
Red or Pink Roses Available

Gift Suggestion 3

52% OFF Valentines’ Day Special!’s Plexiglas Photo Tiles. ONLY $38 instead of $80!

This is a rather suitable gift for guys working in offices or are having deskbound jobs as they can display these Photo Tiles which could act as a paper weight.

Click the below picture for more details!

The perfect gift idea this Valentine.
These Plexiglas Photo Tiles (10cm x 10cm) can serve as paper weights, decorations for any part of the home / office or as the perfect Valentine present to your special someone. will be able to crystalise your photos into a high quality plexiglas block so that your precious memories last forever.
FREE Basic Photo Enhancement.

Gift Suggestion 4

94% OFF Vday Special! Teddy Hub’s $50 Voucher for Purchase of Any Teddy Bear, ONLY $2.95 instead of $50!

This gift is especially suitable for ladies of all ages. A classic gift I would say and it never fails to impress!

Click the below picture for more details!

94% OFF Teddy Hub’s $50 Voucher for the Purchase of Any Teddy Bear
ONLY $2.95 instead of $50
Special gift for that special someone, reminding her that you’re always by her side when you’re not around!
Ideal gift for Any occasion
Product details:
Fillings: Polypropylene Fibre
Colours: White / Light Brown / Dark Brown
Sizes: 1.4m / 1.6m / 1.8m / 2.0m
Free wrapping
Free delivery

Gift Suggestion 5

Vday Special! 62% OFF Special Magic Colour Changing Mug with Your Customized Design/Photo! ONLY $9.95 instead of $25.90!

This is a perfect gift for either the ladies or the men and its pretty impressive should someone ask him/her where he/she gotten the mug from.

Click the below picture for more details!

Exciting and fun way to keep your memories!
Simply send your design & your voucher to to process your order

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

We Not Naughty Movie [2012]

Hello Everyone,

Baby and I caught the movie, “We Not Naughty” last Friday [20 January 2012] and here’s what we think of the movie.

The movie was directed by Jack Neo and it was released last Thursday [19 January 2012].

The movie plot is as follows:

Wei Jie and Jian Ren are best of friends in school, and they both face their share of family problems; Wei Jie has a gambling addict father and his mother who does not think highly of him always condemns him. Jian Ren comes from a well-to-do single parent family but has an estranged relationship with his mother. He becomes rebellious to spite his mother and even becomes a runner for the loansharks. They both share the talent and interest on gadgets inventions but their efforts are never recognized.

CK, as their lecturer, tries to build a rapport with the boys but ends up being snubbed. His patience pays off and the boys end up seeking help from him for their family problems. CK even help the boys to create an invention for a competition.

However, their invention is misused by the loansharks and in an attempt to stop that, CK, Wei Jie and Jian Ren’s lives are at risk.

The movie trailer is as follows:

Our Review of the Movie:

Most of the time, Baby and I were both laughing non-stop in the theatre together with other fellow movie-goers and this is only because, this movie brings with it a good sense of humour. I have to say, both Shawn and Joshua acted really well and majority of the casts were very compatible for their respective roles. While somehow the storyline is predictable, it indeed portrays the harsh reality of the challenges and obstacles that youths are very vulnerable to. We also noticed that certain portions of the film may also have been edited and replaced with new scenes because of the sensitive topic with regards to foreign talents. Though many have criticised Jack Neo’s latest film, probably due to stereotyping, both baby and I felt that this film could relate to us and we both felt that it was truly original, heart-warming, and of course, funny! So, if you’re game for a time to laugh off your stress and worries, you might just want to consider catching We Not Naughty.

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