About Melvin Lee

About Me

A former MOE Educator, I am very passionate about learning and that’s only because life never stops teaching. A relationship builder and strategic thinker by nature; I spend considerable time nurturing a meaningful partnership and appreciate opportunities to acquire knowledge, gain skills, or experience new things.

Occasionally, I engage people in conversation about the meaning of life and discuss subjects that provide individuals with opportunity to create, study, reflect, speculate, or tell stories.

The following tools and assessments provide greater insights about my personality or character: 


  • Strategic Thinker . Relationship Builder
  • Relator . Intellection . Achiever . Futuristic . Learner

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:

  • The Defender
  • Introvert . Observant . Feeling . Judging (ISFJ)

DISC Classic Profile: 



Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment
Wilderness First Aid Responder
Certified Habitudes Facilitator
Singapore Cycle Safe Trainer
OBS Challenge Course Instructor
Artificial Caving System Instructor
Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License

Academic Qualifications

Specialist Diploma, Teaching & Learning
Bachelors of Arts (Honours), Marketing Management
Diploma, Hotel Management


Lieutenant, National Cadet Corps
Executive Committee Member, NYAA GAHA

I Am passionate about…

  • Education for Children, Youth, & Adults
  • Animal Wildlife Protection
  • Environmental Conservation

Ready to collaborate with me? 

Drop me an email at melvinlee@awinsomelife.org OR send me a form

if you need…

  • a personal Coach to impart essential life skill such as swimming, kayaking, cycling, and orienteering
  • a personal Tutor for your child
  • an experienced Trainer to conduct leadership & personal development workshops for your children / students
  • a personal Life Coach who can help you with your personal growth and development
  • a mentor who can keep you focused and motivated to excel


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