For All You Gundam Enthusiasts Out There!

Japan’s most successful robot franchise will be coming to Singapore from 4 June 2015 to 28 June 2015!

Bandai Namco Asia, one of the leading toy makers and arcade, mobile and home video game publishers in Japan, and Takashimaya Department Store, presents an iconic exhibition in celebration of the 35th anniversary of GUNDAM model kit and in conjunction with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the “Gundam Docks at Singapore”.

One of the largest such exhibitions outside Japan, the approximately 4,000sqm showcase will include over 200 models of the phenomenal Gundam series, the first anime based on space war and machines that sparked off the genre of robotic anime.

Image Credit:© SOTSU・SUNRISE

From 4 to 28 June, the exhibition will be held at Takashimaya Square, B2 and Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

The experience begins as two gigantic robots loom above you at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. Witness the fight between Earth Federation vs Principality of Zeon as the RX-78-2 Gundam, the largest Gundam to be showcased outside Japan, and come face to face with Char’s Zaku at the heart of Singapore’s Orchard Road.

The Gundam and Zaku are around 6 metres each, at a scale of 1:3, and weighs two tonnes each. Accompanied by daily light and sound shows held in the evenings, this is an activity you cannot miss as the war drama comes to life before your eyes.

Collectors, shoppers and anyone who wants to learn more about Gundam or bring home a piece of this extra-ordinary exhibition, can head down to Takashimaya Square, B2. There will be over 10 booths selling Gundam merchandises including exclusive editions.

Image Credit:© SOTSU・SUNRISE

With four weeks of Gundam history, excitement, and pure legend; be sure you don’t miss out on Asia’s largest Gundam exhibition and showcase!

Admission for the exhibition is free, and the exhibition will open from 10.00am to 9.30pm daily. For more updates and details on the exhibition, do check out

[Smartphone Review]- OPPO N3, Stylish But Expensive

OPPO is a lesser-known phone brand in Singapore but it is growing in popularity. With the launch of the OPPO N3 last December, its presence is still rather insignificant and OPPO has a long way to go before it can win over the hearts of Android consumers who are pretty attached to branded names like Samsung, Sony, LG, and HTC.

A few weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to review the OPPO N3 and here is a summary of our user-experience with the OPPO N3.

Our Personal Opinion/Review about the OPPO N3

Featuring a powerful motorised rotation 16-Megapixel Schneider Optic Camera, there is everything to love about the OPPO N3 except the hefty price tag of SGD$849 and it is honestly very hard for us to determine if the OPPO N3 is going to be a worthy buy because there are many other comparable Android phones which is of a similar price range. For us, the one and only reason why we would even consider buying the OPPO N3 is the functionality of its camera.

With the automated rotatable camera, the OPPO N3’s camera has the ability to rotate 206 degrees and it is capable of taking pictures using its free-stop and multi-angle shooting features, a unique experience in mobile technology and mobile photography. The camera can also take impressive, wide-angle panoramic shots, such as cityscapes and the process of taking selfies is rather hassle-free.

Here are some photos which Jacqueline took with the OPPO N3.

Aesthetically, the OPPO N3 is pleasing to the eye though we have to admit that it can be quite a handful. The hollow underside design of the OPPO N3 houses the OPPO Skyline Notification Light 2.0 and we appreciate the gentle pulsating white illumination that notifies us of messages.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core CPU, the OPPO N3 is packed with 32GB ROM, 2GB RAM, and it runs on the Color OS 2.0 platform.

Now, here’s the kick.

Though launching applications and playing games on the OPPO N3 is responsive and zippy, we dislike the fact that it runs on the Color OS 2.0 platform. Sure, there are a lot of useful features that allows for customisation but switching between applications is a nightmare because the application switcher can be quite sluggish at times!

Other than the sluggish switch of applications, the OPPO N3 is able to handle most tasks smoothly without any real cause for concern.

As for the battery life, we are quite satisfied that the OPPO N3 is able to handle our very demanding heavy usage which includes tons of web-browsing, snapping of photos, and multiple video streaming. It also helps with the fact that fast-charging is available on the OPPO N3 and it takes about half an hour to charge the phone to 70% battery level.

To buy or not to buy?

Seriously, this is quite a tough decision to make because if you are finding a good substitute for a portable compact camera that allows you to take high quality photos and yet have the functionality of a smartphone, the OPPO N3 might be the right choice for you but then again, for the price of SGD$849, there are other choices which may be better and more value-for-money.

A Beautiful Love Affair With Bang & Olufsen

All photos in this blog post were taken with the OPPO N3 Smartphone

If you are a Music Aficionado, you would agree with us that Bang & Olufsen manufactures the world’s best audio sound systems and speakers.

Founded in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, Bang & Olufsen has come a long way and this year, the world’s oldest audio company is commemorating its 90th birthday with the Love Affair Collection.

The Love Affair Collection sees six of the company’s current products rejuvenated with a new palette option in keeping with the surge in interest towards beautiful materials, especially rose gold, which is experiencing a renaissance in the jewellery industry. One of the most emotive aspects is its underlying meaning. While white gold represents friendship and yellow gold means fidelity, rose gold represents love and is therefore the ultimate inspiration for this collection.

During the roaring 20s, Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen started their journey into technology when it was still an almost magical phenomenon, and with the accompanying flourish of Art Deco, it was clear that luxury, glamour, and exuberance were at the heart of the time.

Fast-forward 90 years and the company is pleased to launch a collection that truly captures the mood and style of the time, setting the stage for a love affair that could last the ages.

Combined with the warm colour fabrics recently developed in cooperation with Fashion Designer Stine Goya, the company hopes it will truly capture the hearts of customers who have enjoyed a love affair with the company over the years.

The radiant and romantic rose golden nuance is achieved through a unique dyeing process, which in itself inspires Bang & Olufsen’s designers to create concepts that can match any style and any age, where the only limit is their imagination. This, combined with warm and elegant walnut wood, bridges past and present to represent the passion, pride and persistence that has been driving Bang & Olufsen for the last 90 years.

The Love Affair Collection consists of six current Bang & Olufsen’s products.

The first is the majestic and recently launched BeoVision Avant 85, and then the all-in one entertainment solution BeoVision 11 and BeoRemote One. Also included in the range is the extremely popular magic-touch BeoPlay A9 music system and the elegant, lightweight BeoPlay H6 headphones.

Last but certainly not least, the collection will include the classic, slender, and straight-lined BeoLab 18 with a new walnut lamella front and a cabinet in a stunningly elegant rose golden version.

Though all of the six Bang & Olufsen’s products captured our hearts, the one that stood out for us is the elegant and lightweight BeoPlay H6 headphones that is retailing at SGD$698.

The BeoPlay H6 combines a natural and authentic sound performance with carefully selected, high-quality materials that rest softly and comfortably on the head, bringing a true sense of everyday luxury.

The softness of the lambskin on the ear pads is the first thing one will notice and the memory foam inside the ear pads adapts ensuring great comfort.

The head band is also very durable and it ages with grace because of the cow leather that gains patina and personality when worn over time.

This stylish over-ear headphones made from premium materials definitely deserves a mention for delivering top of the line sound quality.

What about you? Which of the six Bang & Olufsen’s products from the Love Affair Collection captured your heart?

For more information about Bang & Olufsen’s Love Affair Collection, you can check out Bang & Olufsen’s Official Website or like Bang & Olufsen’s Official Facebook Page!

How I Lost 4KG in 21 Days

“It is very easy to put on weight but very difficult to lose weight.”

This is a very common statement that I often hear from many people who desire to lose weight and that includes myself. Having tried all sorts of ways and methods to shed some weight, I have finally found the real solution to losing weight and that is, proper nutrition and proper exercise.

I am very convinced that proper nutrition and proper exercise is the only real solution to losing and maintaining weight.

Why is that so?

A few weeks ago, Jacqueline brought my attention to DanielFoodDiary and Daniel shared his personal experience with Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse; an all-natural, comprehensive detox programme that is based on the naturopathic principals of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’.

Having known Daniel to be a very reputable and credible social media personality in the social media space, I decided to take on the challenge and try out Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

Before I began Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, I had to do some physical and mental preparations. I went to the supermarket to stock up on healthy foods and ingredients like raspberries, spinach, salmon fish, and etc. and I chose a suitable date to start the detox programme.

Choosing a suitable date to start the detox programme is extremely important because you won’t want to ruin the plan and get tempted by foods which you can’t consume while your body is undergoing detoxification.

As mentioned, Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is divided into three different phases per week for 3 weeks. In each phase, there are certain foods that an individual cannot consume and every phase is progressive in the sense that the individual will gradually be able to consume more varieties of food as the week goes by.

My Thoughts & Views After Completing Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Having completed Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, I will definitely recommend the detox programme to those who are determined to lead a healthy lifestyle and shed some weight. Also, Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is only effective if you follow strictly to the guidelines and be really disciplined in creating good habits.

In case you are wondering, proper exercise is highly encouraged during the detox programme and if you ever come across products that says that you can lose weight by eating their supplements without doing any workout, it is purely a marketing gimmick.

Before I started the detox programme, I weighed 76.7KG and now, I weigh 72.6KG. A 4KG loss in 21 days is truly a testament to the effectiveness of Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse and having completed this detox programme, I have made huge adjustments to my lifestyle!

A Photo of Me Taken By Jacqueline Before I Began Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

A Photo of Me Taken By Jacqueline After I Completed Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

This huge adjustment to my lifestyle has completely made me re-think and re-look at my food choices and I am happy to say, I am finally off the hook from the addiction of consuming white rice and refined sugar. In fact, I now go for full-grains and wheat-free products, and I consume more fruits, vegetables, and meat as opposed to having a carbohydrate-rich meal. Also, I jog at least two to three times a week to keep myself both physically and mentally active. Even if I have to go for food tastings and attend events, I am very selective about the food that I consume.

Just so you know, each box of Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse contains 2 formulas, the AM CLEANSE and the PM CLEANSE.

The AM CLEANSE contains 84 vegetarian capsules per bottle and the PM CLEANSE contains 21 powder sachets.

Inside each box, there will also be an accompanying guide book, the 21 Day Health Transformation Program that contains comprehensive and useful tips on meals preparation and exercises to give you the necessary support through the journey of your 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is available at both Watson’s and Guardian and it cost SGD$129 per box. There may be occasional offers and promotions so do check out the stores for more details.

For more information about Natroslim, you might want to like Natroslim Official Facebook Page and check out Natroslim Official Website!

Lastly, a parting word of advise:

A Winsome Life Launches E-Retail Store!

It is with great excitement that we now announce the official launch of our new E-Retail Store!

Though we don’t have much products to offer at the moment, we are looking to expand the range of products that we carry in our store and we hope that in time to come, we will be able to collaborate with more suppliers and carry exciting products that will cater to people of all lifestyles.

Currently, we have the following products that may be of interest to some of you and if you know of anyone who is interested as well, do share the news with them!

Removable Wall Stickers

Both Jacqueline and I are big fans of removable wall stickers because they can turn a dull wall into a rather colourful one. In fact, we have decorated our rooms with removable wall stickers and they are always a delight to look at whenever we step into the room.

We currently carry 7 different designs of removable wall stickers and two of which are glow-in-the-dark [yes, they really do glow-in-the-dark at night]. The designs that you see in our store have been specially handpicked for their uniqueness and we are very confident that the removable wall stickers will add aesthetic value to your home.

Although our prices for all 7 designs may vary, we are pretty sure that our offer is definitely value-for-money.

Should you wish to transform your wall into a whiteboard or a black chalkboard, we have that available too and you can use them at home, in your offices, or even in your restaurants/cafes and etc. This is especially useful if you want to customise your wall or give your children some space to draw and doodle without making a mess on the actual wall.

JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light for Camera and Smartphones

This is one really nifty useful gadget that we really like. As we are always out and about running events and taking photos, some of the lighting conditions may prove to be challenging and our photos will either turn out too dark or blurry. With the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light, no matter how dim the lighting may be, we are now able to take photos with excellent colours and light exposure.

One really cool thing we like about the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light is that we could attach it to our Smartphones via the Audio Jack Port and we could also attach it to our Olympus EPL-6 Camera via the Standard Hotshoe.

Apart from that, the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light has a rechargeable battery which you could charge using a USB Cable and a Powerbank and there is a battery indicator that shows how much battery is left before charging is required. What’s even more important to note is that the level of brightness is adjustable to your personal liking.

Well, we currently have 4 units of the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light available and we are selling them for a pretty decent price of SGD$27.90. If you look around and compare on Qoo10, our price is 3 times cheaper than what is available in the market and we are pretty confident about the quality of the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light as we personally own one for our photography usage.

As mentioned, we are definitely looking forward to expanding our store and adding more lifestyle items in time to come and meanwhile, should you have any feedback for us to improve upon, do feel to always drop us an email at

We look forward to your patronage! :)