Talon AD7200, The World’s Fastest Router By TP-LINK

I’m pretty sure TP-LINK is a very familiar and common name when we talk about routers and what is pretty interesting to note is that the company has recently unveiled and launched their most competitive product yet; the Talon AD7200 (also known as the world’s fastest router for now).

When I was at the opening of TP-LINK’s showroom and service centre in Aperia Mall at Kallang Avenue, I was very lucky to receive the Talon AD7200 and when I got home, I just couldn’t wait to get it all set up.

Setting up the “Stonehenge” was a breeze and I give the router such a name/title because of the unique way its 7 antennas are being arranged. As the world’s first 802.11 ad router, the Talon AD7200 router adds another band of spectrum in the 57–66GHz range to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands that AC routers currently use.

What this essentially means is that the Talon AD7200 is able to offer data speeds that are 10 times faster than an 802.11ac router. For example, users will be able to download 1000 photos in less than 10 seconds and a HD movie in less than 14 seconds. Gamers will experience less game lag and avid Netflix watchers like us will no longer have to wait for shows to load.

What’s more, the router is able to support simultaneous connections by the whole family without interference. Whether you’re gaming on your computer, streaming multimedia content on your Smart TV, or browsing the Internet on your mobile phone or tablet all at the same time; the Talon AD7200 is able to support all these simultaneous tasks at one go without affecting your connection to the Internet.

One thing I really like about the Talon AD7200 router is the fact that it comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and what this means for me is that I can attach a USB hard-drive or thumb-drive and upload or download files no matter where I may be. Hence, when I am travelling overseas and have limited storage on my mobile devices, I can upload the files over the Internet and have them saved onto my hard-drive at home.

If you would like to get the Talon AD7200, it is available at all major retail outlets like Challenger and Courts for the price of SGD$499 and if you like, you can also see and touch the Talon AD7200 or any other TP-LINK’s products at TP-LINK’s showroom and service centre!

For more information about the Talon AD7200, you can check out TP-LINK’s website here!

TP-LINK Neffos C5 Smartphone Review 2016

One month ago, TP-LINK, the largest global provider of Wi-Fi networking products, ventured into the smartphones market with their latest product offering, the Neffos smartphone.

The Neffos smartphone feature large storage space, high running speeds, smart multithreaded programme, and powerful cameras. The Neffos series also shows the beauty of simplicity with its industrial design, with an emphasis on the material’s original colour and texture by incorporating polycarbonate composites.

Available in two variants; the Neffos C5 and the Neffos C5L, we had the opportunity to review the Neffos C5 smartphone and here’s what we think of the phone:


The Neffos C5 sports a 5-inch screen and it has a pretty stylish design and display. It weighs only 141g (about 6 tablespoons of flour) and is easy to carry around. However, the Neffos C5 does feel very plasticky and cheap (which is a fact).

User Experience

The user interface is very fluid and responsive. Running on Android 5.1 Lollipop, the Neffos C5 smartphone is equipped with a 2GB RAM and is powered by a quad-core processor (1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735). With a phone storage of 16GB, the storage space can be further expanded up to 32GB with a microSD card. In case you’re wondering, the Neffos C5 has dual-sim capability and that makes it a handy phone to carry two separate lines.

Although the phone comes with an 8-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front camera; don’t expect too much from it as they are just suitable for taking basic photo and video footages.


The Neffos C5 is a very basic smartphone and it is intended to complement users’ existing handsets. It is not meant to replace your mainstream smartphones ultimately so don’t ditch your Apple iPhone or Samsung Note just yet.

When I say that the Neffos C5 is cheap, it is really cheap. For just one unit, the Neffos C5 cost just SGD$199 and what I particularly like about the Neffos C5 is the fact that I can use it as my spare phone exclusively for work and other non-personal matters. Since I’m using an Apple iPhone, the Neffos C5 is my gateway to the Google Play Store. What’s more, I can stream content on the Neffos C5 and beam what’s on my phone to my Xiaomi TV for maximum viewing pleasure.

I would say, if you are looking for a spare phone that has decent capabilities, this is just the right phone for you.


The Neffos C5 is available in either dark grey or pearl white and if you are keen to get the Neffos C5 smartphone, you can get it from Lazada Singapore. The other Neffos variant, the Neffos C5L is retailing for SGD$129 and both Neffos variants comes with 1-year local warranty.

For more information about TP-LINK’s Neffos smartphones, you can check it out at Neffos Official Website.

Product Review- The Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack

I’m a pretty adventurous tech geek and as much as possible, I try to lug my electronics wherever I go. Yes, I need to work even when I travel and staying connected to the World Wide Web is so essential for me. However, more often than not, I get my electronics scratched or even damaged when I bring them out for my frequent hikes and climbs.

Not wanting to leave things to chance, I have all my electronics i.e. mobile phone, camera, laptop, and tablet suited up with bulky protection casings but they are extremely cumbersome to bring around.

Recently, I received the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack and it is the best gift ever!

Designed to resist harsh environments, battling city crowds, busy commute, and the erratic weather, the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack offers the ultimate protection against shocks, abrasion, vibration, moisture, and dust.

If you are imagining a cumbersome and heavy hard-casing backpack right now, you’re definitely wrong. The Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack is no way near that though you will be surprised to learn that it has passed the US Military Grade drop test specifications, protecting devices even at drops of up to 4 feet.

With a reinforced rugged base and corner that boost durability and reliability, the straps and back panel of the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack are also designed with added breathable vents for maximum comfort.

Personally, what the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack really impresses me the most is the Safeport 3D Protection System which is built with memory foam. The suspended protection vault provides my laptop with 360 degrees protection against impact. Combined with the water and wear-resistant bottom along with an integrated protective tablet sleeve, the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack helps keep my valuable electronic devices intact.

For a typical hike/trek, I will usually bring my ASUS UX303 laptop, my Samsung Note 4 phone, an Olympus EPL-6 camera, a standard first-aid kit, some work documents, biscuits, and bottled drinks, and I am really delighted that I could have all the items packed into my Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack without much hassle.

Sturdy but very comfortable to carry around, I appreciate the ergonomic adjustable shoulder straps along with a built-in lumbar support beam that the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack has to offer. Every hike/trek is ultra-comfortable even when I have to carry heavy-duty items in the large compartments.

Not entirely convinced? Well, you should check out this video!

If you are keen to buy the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack, you can find it at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk, Digital Style @ Suntec City, Challenger @ Funan DigitaLife Mall, or Micro Interface @ Funan DigitaLife Mall. The retail price for it is SGD$229.90

Psst… Lazada Singapore is retailing the Targus Grid Advanced 32L Backpack for only SGD$159!

For more information about the other ranges of Targus Backpacks, do check out Targus Official Website!

What I Really Love About The Pebble Time Smartwatch

I am a sucker for smartwatches. I own the Samsung Galaxy Gear and LG G Watch R smartwatches and I even tried a couple of other smartwatches from different brands but still, none of them could match up to my expectations in terms of battery life and user-interface until I recently got my hands on the Pebble Time smartwatch.

Unlike the smartwatches I owned, the Pebble Time Smartwatch is truly a winner in terms of its battery life. On a single charge which takes about 20 minutes to half an hour to get fully charged, the Pebble Time smartwatch could last me for 4 to 5 days of heavy usage. Even when the battery is at zero percent, I like the fact that I could still read the time as the Pebble Time smartwatch would not turn off by itself or black out immediately.

The design of the Pebble Time smartwatch is rather simple and it may not be aesthetically impressive. With a squarish display, a polycarbonate shell, and a wide silicone band; I honest feel out of place when I wear the Pebble Time smartwatch to a formal business meeting but seriously, I don’t really care because it is sporty and comfortable to wear. On second thought, I really do think the Pebble Time Round Smartwatch (another smartwatch model from Pebble) is a worthy companion for formal events!

Checking the time and reading the notifications on the Pebble Time smartwatch is also a breeze for me. With its always-on reflective colour display, I like how I can activate the built-in backlighting with a simple flick of my wrist. Coupled with the new timeline interface, the Pebble Time smartwatch is really nifty and handy.

However, I would not entirely say that the Pebble Time smartwatch is a perfect smartwatch for everyone. If you want a smartwatch that is sexy, well-designed and packed with many rich features, the Pebble Time smartwatch is not something that I will recommend to you. In fact, the Pebble Time smartwatch is meant for the minimalist individual who doesn’t mind spending $149.99 USD on a timepiece that offers the basic functionalities of a smartwatch.

If you make a comparison between the Pebble Time smartwatch and its competitors which are in the same price range, the Pebble Time smartwatch is definitely bound to lose because its competitors would offer features such as a touchscreen display, GPS, NFC support, and a heart rate monitor while the Pebble Time smartwatch does not. But what is really amazing is that despite the minus points, it has not stopped the Pebble Time smartwatch from becoming the best well-funded project in the whole of Kickstarter’s history.

Seriously, if there is one thing that I wish the Pebble Time smartwatch will have; it would be a sapphire glass display because being a rugged and adventurous guy who is always on the move, the probability of me scratching my watch display is very high and a hardy display that can weather the impact of hairline scratches is deeply appreciated. If water sports is your thing, you might want to know that the Pebble Time smartwatch has a water resistance of up to 30m and that makes it super weatherproof.

Looking for a Christmas gift to give to a geeky man? The minimalist smartwatch that is waterproof and functional might just be it.

3 Tips To Start Your Very Own First Wet-Shaving Adventure

I wasn’t taught how to use a razor blade properly and when I first started using the razor blade, I had my fair share of cuts and nicks. After a few more bloody attempts, I totally gave up on using the razor blade to shave and I made the switch to an electric shaver.

Image Credits to Badger and Blade

So… a long time ago, I bought my first expensive electric shaver, the Braun 760 CC and it cost me quite a bomb. At first, I really enjoyed using the electric shaver and because the purchase came with the Braun Clean and Renew System, I could get my electric shaver automatically cleaned, charged, lubricated, and dried; all at the push of a button. However, what irks me over time is the fact that I could still feel my facial hair with my bare hands even after shaving. It also doesn’t help when I tend to wake my wife up every morning when I shave due to the loud noise that is generated by the electric shaver.

Image Credits to Braun

Recently, I was re-introduced to wet shaving; and this time, thanks to Christian Mueller who is one of the third generation owners of MÜHLE, I grabbed some quick wet-shaving tips from him and I now enjoy wet-shaving using the R 89 Twist Safety Razor from MÜHLE.

If you are clueless and new to wet-shaving, here are some tips that I have gotten from Christian Mueller to help get you started!

1. Get everything you need to have a complete wet-shaving experience.

You will need a shaving bowl, shaving cream, shaving balm, double edge safety razor, shaving towel, and shaving brush. To get everything you need, the price can range from a few hundreds to a few thousands and because you have decided to invest heavily to achieve an entirely clean baby-face shave, make sure you get products that are dependable and are of high quality.

Image Credits to MÜHLE

If you have sensitive skin like I do, using a single flat blade razor would be better than a 3-blade razor (e.g. Gillette Mach 3) or 5-blade razor (e.g. Gillette Fusion) because a single flat blade razor will create lesser stress on the skin. Also, avoid using mass-produced shaving skincare products (for e.g. those shaving creams and shaving balms that you can find off-the-shelves at the local supermarket) because more often than not, they contain low-quality ingredients and chemicals that can be harmful and cause irritation to the skin.

2. Prepare your skin for the shave.

To get a smooth and painless wet-shaving experience, it is extremely important to thoroughly prepare the skin before shaving.

Use a towel which is soaked with comfortably hot water and tap it on your face to open the pores and soften the facial hair for about 1 to 2 minutes. Then, lather some shaving cream onto your face with a shaving brush.

The shaving brush combined with the shaving cream helps to prepare the skin and the facial hair for the shave. The lathering of cream on the face with the brush massages all the goodness of the cream into the skin and it makes the skin and facial hair softer. The brush also brings the facial hair in the right positon and lets it stand up. A standing facial hair which is softened up is much easier to be cut by a sharp blade than a hair which is hard and still “hugging” the skin.

Image Credits to MÜHLE

If the preparation is not done properly, it will be a rough and unclean shave, as hair is pulled out rather than gently cut.

Shaving right after a shower can also be ideal for some people as the skin and facial hair is already softened. Some people do use the shaving soap to lather up but if using a shaving soap causes your skin to be too dry, use a shaving cream instead.

3. Finally, getting down to the actual wet-shaving.

Carry out the first shave by shaving along the grain (i.e. hair-growing direction) of the facial hair. If there are still some facial hairs left after the first shave, consider lathering up a second time and perform a second shave. For the second shave, shave across or against the grain of the facial hair so that you get an ultra-close shave.

Image Credits to MÜHLE

After you are done shaving, rinse your face with cold water, the colder the better as this will help your skin pores to close up. Lastly, dry your face gently with a towel and apply an aftershave.

Planning to get a suitable gift for a man?

Well, a complete shaving kit may just be it! To check out some of MÜHLE products that are available in Singapore, do head down to the Men’s Section of Takashimaya.

And if the above shaving tips seems too wordy, check out this very informative and helpful MÜHLE video tutorial by The Nomad Barber.

Are you ready to begin your first wet-shaving adventure?