A Naiise Christmas Pop-Up Store With Food, Retail, and Workshops!

Naiise.com, one of Singapore’s fastest-growing online design retailers will be launching its fourth pop-up store, A Naiise Christmas Pop-Up, at 72-74 Dunlop Street, and it will open from 15 November to 24 December 2014, 12-7pm daily.

Collaborating with leading lifestyle, design, and food partners in the community, Naiise will transform two shophouse units on Dunlop Street into a cosy space for the public to dine, shop, and personalise their own gifts this festive season. Spanning 300 square metres, the pop-up store is located in two restored shophouses on Dunlop Street, a bustling area on the fringe of Little India.

Through the use of locally-sourced vintage and restored furniture by Re-Store Living, Chinese art deco inspired home accessories and furniture by SCENE SHANG, and vintage industrial teak furniture by Mountain Teak; Naiise aims to create a warm, modern-vintage setting that complements the signature shophouse setting and charming neighbourhood.

This pop-up edition by Naiise will feature F&B for the first time, with a third of its space dedicated to that. Collaborating with leading restaurant food partners like The Cajun Kings, Park Bench Deli, Kith, Burnt Ends, and Morsels, A Naiise Christmas Pop-up store will feature fresh menus headlined by one restaurant partner every week.

A variety of food products crafted by local artisan food makers will also be available throughout the week. Also, The Cajun Kings will join forces with Burnt Ends for a special night of roasted hog barbeque on 7 December 2014, from 2 pm onwards, at the newly constructed open-air rooftop between the two units. The pop-up store’s F&B operations will be supported by kitchen specialist Mudian Crafted, with lightings designed by Zorse Plus One.

The other two-thirds of the pop-up store will be dedicated to retail and workshops. Leveraging on its strong online retail platform, Naiise will be selling design products from more than 150 independent designers from Singapore and around the world, making the store a must-go destination to pick up unique Christmas gifts.

Naiise, together with their partners, will also conduct workshops, giving participants the opportunity to learn various crafts and skills while creating unique DIY Christmas gifts.

Exclusive products and services, like fresh festive blooms by Poppy Floral Studio, vinyl records and turntables by Retrophonic, and as well as a personalised gift-wrapping service, will be made available at A Naiise Christmas Pop-up store.

Not forgetting the spirit of giving at Christmas, Naiise is partnering with Club Rainbow to grant Christmas wishes for 100 children who are suffering from chronic and life-threatening illnesses. Visitors at the pop-up store can grant any of these wishes displayed on their Christmas tree.

By working together with leading lifestyle partners and focusing on providing honest offerings across retail, food, and workshops, Naiise hopes to create a unique, feel-good and memorable experience for everyone this festive season. A Naiise Christmas Pop-up celebrates the spirit of Christmas with the larger community, reflecting Naiise’s philosophy of making design approachable and accessible to everyone while nurturing a growing community that appreciates good designs.

Retail Highlights
• Festive floral blooms by Poppy Floral Studio
• Spin your own vinyl records from Retrophonic or even purchase them!
• Grant A Wish to 100 children from Club Rainbow at our charity Christmas tree
• Personalise your own gift wrapping with stamps designed and hand-crafted by local designers
• Shop design hampers, artisan food hampers and stocking fillers under $20
• New brands: SCENE SHANG, LA:Bruket, AssembliShop, Murdoodles, General Object, The Blend&Press Co, Cacaosians, Nutteree

F&B Highlights
• The Cajun Kings x Park Bench Deli – Po Boy Sandwiches
• Morsels
• The Cajun Kings x Burnt Ends – Whole hog roast on 7 December, 2pm onwards
• The Cajun Kings x Artichoke – Fried chicken x chicken skin ice cream
• Kith Café
• Chef On Wheels
• Bettr Barista

Workshop Highlights
• DODT – Silk screen printing
• Green Issues by Agy – DIY re-fashioning clothing
• Murdoodles – Bookbinding
• Poppy Flora Studio – Floral arrangement
• Raag and Bone – Macrame Planter Workshop
• Stale and Co. – Brass jewellery making
• Typesettingsg – DIY letterpress printing Christmas cards
• The Handmade Tale – Rubber stamp carving / canvas making

[Test Drive Review]-The New Renault Clio R.S. Hatchback

One month ago, we had the exclusive privilege of taking the new Renault Clio R.S. 5-Door Hatchback out for a spin and we had such an exhilarating time that even till now, we really miss driving this pocket rocket! In this blog post, we will be sharing about our driving experience with the Renault Clio R.S. and what we think about it.

Exterior Appearance

The new Renault Clio R.S. is passionately sporty. Dynamic, distinctive, and stimulating, the Renault Clio R.S. sets hearts racing. Equipped with an F1-style aerodynamic front plate, R.S rear spoiler, and gloss dark metal rear diffuser with integrated chrome rectangular twin exhaust tail-pipes, one can truly feel the sporty passion of the Renault Clio R.S.

The LED daytime-running lights forms a distinctive lighting signature that is recognisable by day or night and the F1-style aerodynamic front blade is inspired by Renault’s F1 expertise, reducing drag by channelling airflow under the vehicle to improve penetration through the air.

The R.S. rear spoiler and gloss dark metal rear diffuser accounts for 20% and 80% respectively, of the extra down force generated at the rear for optimum aerodynamic efficiency.

18-inch Gloss Black Radicale Alloy Rims & Red Brake Calipers For A More Aggressive Stance

In terms of the exterior appearance, the new Renault Clio R.S. is extremely stylish and can be easily mistaken as a two-door hatchback. The new Renault Clio R.S. has a fluid, compact, and muscular silhouette. With its coupe-like profile, confident lines, and cleverly hidden rear door handles, the new Renault Clio R.S. exudes an unmistakeable presence on the road.

Interior Appearance,

Extrovertly bold, the new Renault Clio R.S. is provocative and expressive with its impeccably finished interior.

Tasteful additions of red anodised inserts on the steering wheel, gear knob, side air-con vents and side door panels, together with exclusive contrast red stitching on the steering wheel, gear knob gaiter, and seat upholster, are readily associated with the notion of passion.

Upholstered in premium bovine leather, the R.S-badged sport steering wheel is sculptured to offer a firmer grip for a more aggressive drive.

The gloss black centre console with chrome trimmings houses the Renault R-Link multimedia system with a 7-inch coloured touchscreen and automatic air-conditioning controls.

The interior appearance of the new Renault Clio R.S is definitely catchy and very sporty. The rear seats are spacious enough for three adults and it can be folded down to create even more space for luggage and shopping bags.

What We Think Of The New Renault Clio R.S.

At the first impression, we were fooled into thinking that the new Renault Clio R.S. is a two-door hatchback because its door handles for the rear passengers are so well hidden. In contrast to the dominantly elegant black interior, a number of catchy red details draw the attention to the shapely cabin structure.

A stylish pocket rocket, the Renault Clio R.S. is also capable of providing a very comfortable and yet sporty drive. For the car enthusiasts, the superior performance of the Renault Clio R.S. is not to be taken lightly because it can be adapted on demand to suit its driver’s moods and desires, according to the intended journey type. At the push of the RS Drive button, its unmistakably sporty characteristics become apparent at once!

Under The Hood of the new Renault Clio R.S.

How the new Renault Clio R.S. adapts so instantly is that it adjusts the response and parameters of the engine, Efficient Dual Clutch [EDC] transmission, steering, throttle inputs, and Electronic Stability control [ESC]. For the ladies, the new Renault Clio R.S. is very easy to handle and it delivers all the qualities expected of a Clio, such as a quiet ride, a high level of travelling comfort, and low running costs.

From its well-padded seats to its accommodating suspension, the new Renault Clio R.S. attains levels of comfort far higher than one would expect from a car of such sporting temperament. Despite being heavy-footed throughout the test-drive, the fuel consumption of the new Renault Clio R.S. is very remarkable. Then again, for Singapore’s rather congested roads, it would be more prudent to save even more fuel by being light-footed. It takes 6.7 seconds for the new Renault Clio R.S to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h and we always find ourselves at the 80 km/h mark within 3 seconds.

Designed by Renault Sport Technologies, the new Renault Clio R.S. is made in Dieppe, Nomandy, France, and it targets those who appreciate beautiful cars and exacting purists alike.

In a nutshell, the new Renault Clio R.S. is versatile, understated, and user-friendly, but every bit as efficient as before. Fitted with a remarkably high level of standard equipment, the new Renault Clio R.S is also more fun and easier to drive. For more information about this high-performance hatchback, do check out Renault Singapore Official Website or schedule a test-drive and feel the prowess of the new Renault Clio R.S.!

[Our 2014 Top Recommendation]- JannPaul Diamonds @ Far East Shopping Centre

We were introduced to JannPaul Diamonds some time ago and it is really a big pity that we haven’t got to know them earlier because if not, we would have just customised our wedding bands there!

Established in 2009, JannPaul was started by three friends, two of whom are second-generation diamond specialists with families already in the jewellery industry. With noble efforts in wanting to educate the general public on diamonds and to squash the myths that come with the luxury price tag, the partners behind JannPaul have banded together in the hopes of realising their common passion. As the ‘mythbusters’ of the local diamond industry, JannPaul is best known for their unique concept of providing Diamond Education Sessions to their clients in their selection of Super Ideal Cut Diamonds, lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours each session. These non-obligatory sessions serve to educate potential clients on common mistakes that they make when choosing diamonds and as well as provide some helpful tips on diamond procurement.

Casey Lai, a man knowledgeable in the ‘science’ behind diamonds gave us a very thorough insight to choosing diamonds and we now know more than just the 4Cs of diamond basics. We were introduced to the Holloway Cut Adviser, the ASET Scope, and the Ideal Scope. With these 3 tools combined with the knowledge of the 4Cs, one would be able to procure the best diamond that is wallet-friendly.

Holloway Cut Adviser

The Holloway Cut Adviser estimates a round diamond’s appeal based on its potential Light Return, Fire, Scintillation, and Spread. Most people prefer stones that rate 1-2 on a scale where 0-2 is Excellent, 2-4 Very Good, 4-6 Good, 6-8 Fair, and 8-10 Poor.

You will need Total Depth %, Table % and Crown degree and Pavilion degree angles from AGS and 2006 GIA and IGI reports.

Holloway Cut Adviser gets no info on symmetry, polish and minor facets; use it only to reject likely bad performing diamonds to narrow down your final selection.

ASET Scope

The ASET Scope tells us where the reflected light from the diamond is coming from. Blue is directly overhead, green is from low angles, and red is in the middle. The ASET Scope is the preferred tool for evaluating fancy cut diamonds.

Ideal Scope

The Ideal Scope reveals areas of the light return, leakage, and obscuration of the diamond. It is easy to use and all you have to remember is that red is desirable and indicates light return while diamonds with too much white areas indicates problems with light leakage. The Ideal Scope is the preferred tool for evaluating round diamonds.

Had we known about all these 3 tools earlier, we would have made a more informed choice when buying diamonds. So for all you guys out there, do make use of these 3 tools when you are shopping for the engagement ring!

Most jewellery stores in Singapore may not have the ASET Scope or Ideal Scope and even if they have, they might not tell you and at most, they will only show you the Hearts & Arrows Scope. You can purchase an ASET Scope or an Ideal Scope from this website and have it shipped to Singapore.

However, if you don’t want to spend too much time evaluating diamonds, you might want to consider JannPaul’s Super Ideal Cut Diamond that is cut in mathematical proportions in which every facet is placed at the exact angles to create a perfect balance between optimum brilliance and the scattering of light.

As one of the first local jewellers to incorporate 3-dimensional technology for their ring customisation service, JannPaul is able to formulate realistic images of the ring before manufacture. This also allows for clients to try on life-size wax replicas of the ring, making the customisation process a breeze for anyone, and especially first-time engagement ring buyers. A cut above the rest, JannPaul does not place limitations on the number of customisation changes on their rings and instead look towards servicing and satisfying their client’s needs.

With one of the widest selection of the extremely popular Hearts and Arrows diamond cuts in Singapore, JannPaul boasts a range including the Solasfera, Cushion Brellia, Angel Cut, and Brilliant Lady diamond cuts. JannPaul’s latest collection is the Verragio Rings which features very beautiful and intricate designs that will certainly wow the ladies.

With an increasing clientele base, JannPaul is gaining in popularity both locally and internationally; and for a fair price, JannPaul is definitely the place for excellent quality diamonds! For more information and updates from JannPaul, do like JannPaul’s Official Facebook Page and if you would like to learn more about diamonds, do check out JannPaul’s Official Website!

[Test Drive Review]- CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso, The Spacious Turbo Diesel MPV

2 weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to take the all-new CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso out for a spin and we had a rather comfortable and spacious drive. In this blog post, we will be sharing about our driving experience with the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso and what we think about it.

Exterior Appearance

The new CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso is styled to fully stand apart from the five-seater model. The side view of the new CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso has a distinctive visual appeal through its roof arches, which emerge from the base of the windscreen.

This “signature” highlights the spacious interior and the large window area, underscoring the generous and welcoming cabin. Blending style and practicality, the central part of the aluminium arches serves as a support function. The sculptural flanks emphasis the car’s more athletic design approach.

The front end, composed of fully flowing lines, showcases CITROËN’s new styling identity with an assertive, horizontal engine bay and chevrons that extend outwards to curve into the LED daytime running lights. Just above sit the sleek headlamps, which contribute to the high-tech look at the front, as do the fog lamps with their original light signature.

The rear LED lights feature a 3D effect with an innovative, deep-set design offering a refined take on futuristic styling cues. The rear styling is enhanced by a wraparound tailgate conveying all the robustness and capaciousness of the boot and opening to reveal broad and easy access to the loading area.

Interior Appearance

The pure and uncluttered interior of the new CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso was designed in a “loft” spirit. The impression is underlined by the standard-fit panoramic windscreen and large glass roof that bathe the cabin in natural light. The loft inspiration is also to be found in the quality of the cabin materials and the painstaking attention to detail.

The asymmetrically designed dashboard blends different colours and materials. Black, with its high-tech connotations, dominates on the driver’s side, echoing the lighter slate or champagne tones on the passenger side with their “sparkle” effect.

Each passenger in the new CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso benefits from special attention to make them feel fully at home; row two is home to three independent seats with adjustable bases and tilting backs; and row three passengers get their own air blowers.

What We Think Of the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso?

Having done multiple reviews on sedan and hatchback cars, the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso is the first MPV to be featured on our blog and we must say, it is so spacious that it allowed us to have an opportunity to bring our entire family out for a good dinner with just one car [usually, we have to drive two cars out]. With that being said, the 3rd row of seats might be a little crammed and claustrophobic for adult passengers and it would be more suited to accommodate children.

Although the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso has the highest torque in the Category A COE, we felt that the acceleration was a little sluggish and underpowered. This could probably be due to the fact that the car has a big body. However, going uphill with a full load of passengers is a “walk in the park” for the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso.

The gear transition was smooth and with its fully digitised instrument panel, we felt as if we were driving a futuristic high-tech car. The purely designed dashboard is structured around two displays in the centre, a 7-inch touchpad and a 12-inch panoramic HD screen.

The standard 7-inch touchpad, with its touch-sensitive buttons, controls all the in-car functions such as dual-zone air conditioning, navigation, audio, telephone, driving aids, and etc.

The spectacular 12-inch panoramic HD screen displays essential driving information and can be configured by the driver at any time to show data for either the navigation system or driving aids. The following picture shows the 360 Vision system, an exclusive feature that uses the four cameras placed around the car, to provide a complete view of the car’s immediate environment and an extended field of vision that makes for easier manoeuvres.

No matter how heavy-footed we were during the drive, the fuel consumption was minimal and because the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso runs on a diesel engine that is mated with the world’s first Stop&Start technology, it makes economic sense for a family to own this pocket-friendly MPV. It is also good to know that the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso is eligible for the SGD$15,000 Carbon Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme [CEVS] rebate.

Engine Compartment of the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso

The CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso is also equipped with Park Assist, a function that helps drivers look for a parking space and provides automatic assistance when manoeuvring into a space, whether parking in reverse or at an angle. Unfortunately, after trying this feature a couple of times, we reckoned that manual parking is still the way to go.

There are ample storage spaces onboard the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso to store big and small items and with that, going on a road trip to Malaysia or even for a simple picnic by the beach is definitely going to be a very comfortable and pleasant experience.

Although the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso is quite a big car, it is very simple to handle and manoeuvre. Having won many international awards and having so many great features that provide a spacious, safe, and comfortable driving experience, it is no wonder why the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso remains a clear favourite among MPV buyers.

If you are interested in the CITROËN Grand C4 Picasso, do head down to the CITROËN Car Showroom at 239 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159930 and test-drive this family-friendly MPV! For more information and promotion updates about CITROËN’s range of turbo diesel cars, do like CITROËN Singapore Facebook Page!

An Inaugural Epicurean Event At Plaza Singapura For Everyone

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Plaza Singapura has partnered with Cold Storage to organise an inaugural epicurean event that will be taking place from 22 October 2014 to 2 November 2014 at the mall’s Main Atrium on Level 1.

Presenting an array of international gourmet delights, “Flavours of the World” will feature an oyster bar, exquisite meat carving stations, an extensive selection of beers, ciders and wines, and as well as the exclusive launches of new-to-market food and beverage brands and products.

In addition to indulging in freshly shucked oysters, Wagyu beef, and gourmet sausages, visitors can also enjoy wine tastings, live jazz performances, and interactive games during the event.

Wine connoisseurs can look forward to sampling new and exclusive labels such as Terra Vega from the award-winning Chilean wine producer Luis Felipe Edwards, while beer lovers can anticipate the arrival of the limited edition and highly sought-after Rekorderlig Winter Brew, which is making its first appearance in Singapore at the event.

This is the first time Cold Storage is organising a live gourmet event of such a scale in a shopping mall and there will be many special offers that visitors can look forward to.

What We Think Of “Flavours of the World” Event?

It is truly a world-class “Flavours of the World” event as we saw many food and beverage brands and products from all over the world. We enjoyed ourselves very much and it was a very delightful time to indulge in some freshly shucked US oysters that are going for SGD$15 for 6 pieces.

The tantalising and exclusive Hoegaarden Rosée beer is also available on tap at the event and you have to try it because this raspberry infused Belgian white beer is very refreshing!

Just in case you are wondering, you will be able to purchase the Hoegaarden Rosée beer can for the coming Christmas season and it is only exclusively available on-the-shelf in Cold Storage.

There are also quite a number of special offers for wines, beers, and ciders, and with Christmas just 2 months away, it is a pretty apt time to stock up on some booze and end the year with a big bang.

We also bought some chips that are exclusively available at Cold Storage and if you are a big fan of truffle fries, the Torres Black Truffles Chips is simply irresistible!

As the event is open to public, the walkways might be a little tight and crammed but it is all worth the effort because there are many remarkable offers that are truly a first! If you are a UOB Cardholder, you will be entitled to a 5% rebate on all spending.

“Flavours of the World” will be ongoing from now till 2 November 2014 at Plaza Singapura’s Main Atrium on Level 1 from 10am to 10pm daily. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get some awesome deals!