How I Lost 4KG in 21 Days

“It is very easy to put on weight but very difficult to lose weight.”

This is a very common statement that I often hear from many people who desire to lose weight and that includes myself. Having tried all sorts of ways and methods to shed some weight, I have finally found the real solution to losing weight and that is, proper nutrition and proper exercise.

I am very convinced that proper nutrition and proper exercise is the only real solution to losing and maintaining weight.

Why is that so?

A few weeks ago, Jacqueline brought my attention to DanielFoodDiary and Daniel shared his personal experience with Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse; an all-natural, comprehensive detox programme that is based on the naturopathic principals of ‘Weed, Seed & Feed’.

Having known Daniel to be a very reputable and credible social media personality in the social media space, I decided to take on the challenge and try out Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

Before I began Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, I had to do some physical and mental preparations. I went to the supermarket to stock up on healthy foods and ingredients like raspberries, spinach, salmon fish, and etc. and I chose a suitable date to start the detox programme.

Choosing a suitable date to start the detox programme is extremely important because you won’t want to ruin the plan and get tempted by foods which you can’t consume while your body is undergoing detoxification.

As mentioned, Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is divided into three different phases per week for 3 weeks. In each phase, there are certain foods that an individual cannot consume and every phase is progressive in the sense that the individual will gradually be able to consume more varieties of food as the week goes by.

My Thoughts & Views After Completing Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

Having completed Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, I will definitely recommend the detox programme to those who are determined to lead a healthy lifestyle and shed some weight. Also, Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is only effective if you follow strictly to the guidelines and be really disciplined in creating good habits.

In case you are wondering, proper exercise is highly encouraged during the detox programme and if you ever come across products that says that you can lose weight by eating their supplements without doing any workout, it is purely a marketing gimmick.

Before I started the detox programme, I weighed 76.7KG and now, I weigh 72.6KG. A 4KG loss in 21 days is truly a testament to the effectiveness of Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse and having completed this detox programme, I have made huge adjustments to my lifestyle!

A Photo of Me Taken By Jacqueline Before I Began Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

A Photo of Me Taken By Jacqueline After I Completed Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse

This huge adjustment to my lifestyle has completely made me re-think and re-look at my food choices and I am happy to say, I am finally off the hook from the addiction of consuming white rice and refined sugar. In fact, I now go for full-grains and wheat-free products, and I consume more fruits, vegetables, and meat as opposed to having a carbohydrate-rich meal. Also, I jog at least two to three times a week to keep myself both physically and mentally active. Even if I have to go for food tastings and attend events, I am very selective about the food that I consume.

Just so you know, each box of Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse contains 2 formulas, the AM CLEANSE and the PM CLEANSE.

The AM CLEANSE contains 84 vegetarian capsules per bottle and the PM CLEANSE contains 21 powder sachets.

Inside each box, there will also be an accompanying guide book, the 21 Day Health Transformation Program that contains comprehensive and useful tips on meals preparation and exercises to give you the necessary support through the journey of your 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse.

Natroslim’s 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse is available at both Watson’s and Guardian and it cost SGD$129 per box. There may be occasional offers and promotions so do check out the stores for more details.

For more information about Natroslim, you might want to like Natroslim Official Facebook Page and check out Natroslim Official Website!

Lastly, a parting word of advise:

A Winsome Life Launches E-Retail Store!

It is with great excitement that we now announce the official launch of our new E-Retail Store!

Though we don’t have much products to offer at the moment, we are looking to expand the range of products that we carry in our store and we hope that in time to come, we will be able to collaborate with more suppliers and carry exciting products that will cater to people of all lifestyles.

Currently, we have the following products that may be of interest to some of you and if you know of anyone who is interested as well, do share the news with them!

Removable Wall Stickers

Both Jacqueline and I are big fans of removable wall stickers because they can turn a dull wall into a rather colourful one. In fact, we have decorated our rooms with removable wall stickers and they are always a delight to look at whenever we step into the room.

We currently carry 7 different designs of removable wall stickers and two of which are glow-in-the-dark [yes, they really do glow-in-the-dark at night]. The designs that you see in our store have been specially handpicked for their uniqueness and we are very confident that the removable wall stickers will add aesthetic value to your home.

Although our prices for all 7 designs may vary, we are pretty sure that our offer is definitely value-for-money.

Should you wish to transform your wall into a whiteboard or a black chalkboard, we have that available too and you can use them at home, in your offices, or even in your restaurants/cafes and etc. This is especially useful if you want to customise your wall or give your children some space to draw and doodle without making a mess on the actual wall.

JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light for Camera and Smartphones

This is one really nifty useful gadget that we really like. As we are always out and about running events and taking photos, some of the lighting conditions may prove to be challenging and our photos will either turn out too dark or blurry. With the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light, no matter how dim the lighting may be, we are now able to take photos with excellent colours and light exposure.

One really cool thing we like about the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light is that we could attach it to our Smartphones via the Audio Jack Port and we could also attach it to our Olympus EPL-6 Camera via the Standard Hotshoe.

Apart from that, the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light has a rechargeable battery which you could charge using a USB Cable and a Powerbank and there is a battery indicator that shows how much battery is left before charging is required. What’s even more important to note is that the level of brightness is adjustable to your personal liking.

Well, we currently have 4 units of the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light available and we are selling them for a pretty decent price of SGD$27.90. If you look around and compare on Qoo10, our price is 3 times cheaper than what is available in the market and we are pretty confident about the quality of the JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light as we personally own one for our photography usage.

As mentioned, we are definitely looking forward to expanding our store and adding more lifestyle items in time to come and meanwhile, should you have any feedback for us to improve upon, do feel to always drop us an email at

We look forward to your patronage! :)

[Tech Gadgets Review]- Logitech Keys-To-Go & Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830

Life’s pretty convenient when you have the Logitech Keys-To-Go and the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830 and I know it is pretty bias when I said that because honestly, I am really a big fan of Logitech’s products. But really, the Logitech Keys-To-Go and the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830 are two fantastic gadgets that has been making life more convenient for me!

Let’s start off with the Logitech Keys-To-Go.

Keys-To-Go, the super slender, uber handy, ultra-portable, fit anywhere, go everywhere keyboard is so nifty that you can bring it anywhere you go without looking like an eyesore. Weighing only 180g [that’s about 7 tablespoonful of flour], it is really light to carry around.

What I really like about the Keys-To-Go is that when life gets really messy, the durable FabricSkin that covers the keyboard will ward off dirt, crumbs, and spills no matter where I am or what I do.

Another awesome feature of Keys-To-Go is the rechargeable battery that can last about 3 months on a single charge. When the keyboard requires charging, the battery check indicator light will blink and this is especially helpful if you carry a portable powerbank.

The keys are also well-spaced with feedback for comfort and it connects to your iOS® devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV via Bluetooth®. It even comes with iOS® keyboard shortcuts for maximum work productivity.

Just so you know, the Logitech Keys-To-Go is retailing for SGD$99.

Next up is the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830.

The Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830 makes if effortless to navigate from the PC to TV and with its sharp, bright, backlit keys, it makes it very easy to see and type in the dark. The automatic backlighting also helps to conserve the battery because after 5 seconds of inactivity, it automatically turns off.

One thing I really like about the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830 is that it comes combined with a touchpad on it too! This allows me to control the mouse pointer precisely and accurately from a distance without the need for an additional mouse which makes things more cumbersome.

With a wireless range of 10 metres, the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830 is really hassle-free and easy to setup, just plug the Unifying Receiver and you can immediately play! There’s no installation of software or whatsoever.

In case you’re wondering, the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830 is rechargeable and it can last for 10 days after only 3 hours of charge! If you are interested in the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830, it is currently retailing at SGD$139.

For more information about the Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard or the Logitech Illuminated Living Room Keyboard K830, do check out Logitech Singapore’s Official Website and like Logitech Singapore’s Official Facebook Page too!

[Food Review]- Délifrance’s Award-Winning Heritage Croissant

I was introduced to the world of croissants at a very young age and back then, no other croissants could beat the ones from Délifrance. Even after so many years, I still love Délifrance’s signature butter croissant and more recently, I got very hooked to Délifrance’s Heritage Croissant, the highly commended enriched version Délifrance’s signature butter croissant, which sells close to one million pieces annually in recent times.

Tastier, healthier, and crispier, the Heritage Croissant is Délifrance’s answer to other challengers in the croissant market and it is the only product in Singapore to receive three Golden Stars in a blind taste test in June 2013 by a panel of experts from the world-renowed International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels.

During the evaluation, the Heritage Croissant was lauded for having high quality butter and a harmonious fully flavoured finish, coupled with a lovely presentation and good bite texture. The judges complimented its crisp texture and appetising interior, and also praised it for being a genuine top-quality croissant with a splendid taste, delicate with a nice tasty finish.

Image Credits to Délifrance Singapore

Techniques such as slow kneading and gentle rolling are used in the making of the Heritage Croissant and they are naturally inspired by artisanal French baking methods taught in Ecole de Boulangerie et de Patisserie.

The Heritage Croissant is made from top quality French ingredients such as finely milled premium wheat flour from Grands Moulins de Paris, which contains higher dietary fibre and several vitamins including folate, riboflavin, and Vitamins B1, B3, and B5.

Other ingredients include fresh butter from Brittany, a renowned butter-producing region in France and certified Label Rogue eggs which are laid by hens reared on 100% plant-based feed, minerals and vitamins including 50% minimum cereals with no artificial colouring.

These fine ingredients ensure that every Heritage Croissant packs a delicate flavour and fragrance that is quintessentially French.

Our Personal Opinion/Review of Délifrance’s Heritage Croissant

Jacqueline and I really love the Heritage Croissant. It is so buttery, flaky, and crispy that you can eat it on its own. As only authentic French ingredients are used, the result is a deliciously flaky croissant that literally melts in the mouth.

Available at all Délifrance outlets, the Heritage Croissant will retail at a special introductory price of SGD$2.50 a piece until 28 February and from 1 March onwards, it will be selling for SGD$2.90 a piece, or SGD$8.90 for a pack of four.

Having said that, the Heritage Croissant also comes in two savoury flavours [Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham, and Almond Poulet] and two mouth-watering limited edition sweet flavours [Cream Cheese with Strawberry Toppings, and Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond Flakes].

Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham Heritage Croissant, SGD$7.50 a piece

Almond Poulet Heritage Croissant, SGD$7.50 a piece

Having tried all four, we would highly recommend the Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham Heritage Croissant and as well as both the sweet flavours [Cream Cheese with Strawberry Toppings, and Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond Flakes]. The savoury flavours will cost SGD$7.50 a piece and the sweet flavours will cost SGD$3.90 a piece and it is available at all Délifrance outlets except Délifrance Coronation Plaza.

Cream Cheese with Strawberry Toppings Heritage Croissant, SGD$3.90 a piece

Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond Flakes Heritage Croissant, SGD$3.90 a piece

Hurry down to the nearest Délifrance outlet near you and indulge your senses with the authentic taste of France. If there’s one croissant you have to eat, the award-winning Heritage Croissant is it!

[Event Feature/Review]- Singapore Motorshow 2015

Presented by the Motor Traders Association [MTA] and in partnership with MediaCorp, the Singapore Motorshow is Singapore’s most celebrated and prestigious motoring event. Held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Singapore Motorshow 2015 is a motoring event for motoring enthusiasts to get up close with world-class concept cars and witness exciting new automotive launches.

The Singapore Motorshow 2015 will feature 26 car brands and as well as exciting performances by Russ Swift, the world’s number one display driver. Do note that the tickets for Russ Swift’s stunt driving show is separate from the entrance ticket. It will be available for collection on-site an hour before each show and must be collected in person and upon presentation of a valid entrance ticket. Tickets are limited and will be given out on a first-come-first-served basis.

[Image Credits to Channel News Asia]

To ensure the Singapore Motorshow 2015 is accessible and affordable for families, MTA will price daily tickets to the event at SGD$6 per entry and make it free for anyone below 120cm in height. In case you are wondering where you can purchase the tickets, it can be bought onsite at Level 3.

A total of 21 passenger and commercial vehicle makers will be showcasing at least one new model or variant at the Show. These include Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, ChangAn, Citroen, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, JAC, Jaguar, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Range Rover, Renault, Subaru and Volkswagen.

Aside from the many vehicles on display, the Motorshow will also showcase automotive accessories and innovative technologies.

Our Personal Opinion/Review of Singapore Motorshow 2015

After a 6-year hiatus, the Singapore Motorshow is back and I was really excited about it as I really wanted to get up close and personal with the many exciting new cars that were going to be launched. For me, it was sort of like an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I was very privileged to have been invited to attend the Singapore Motorshow 2015.

Every car at the Singapore Motorshow 2015 is different and they cater to different crowds. Whether you are a family-oriented driver, a track racer, a techie geek, a deliveryman, or even an environmental conservationist; there’s something for everyone at the Singapore Motorshow 2015!

If you’re feeling rather competitive, do check out Toyota’s Waku Doki booth and clock the best race timings on the simulator to win some attractive prizes!

Lexus Unveiling the RC F, the most powerful Lexus V8 model delivering a blistering 470bhp and 530Nm of torque.

Mitsubishi unveiling of the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the world’s first plug-in hybrid SUV, a ground-breaking model that brings together the superior environmental performance and quietness of an EV, the stability and handling of a 4WD, and the practicality of an SUV.

With an expected increase in the COE quota for the next few months, visiting the Singapore Motorshow 2015 this weekend might be a pretty apt thing to do; especially if you are planning to buy a car.

For more information about the Singapore Motorshow 2015, do check out Singapore Motorshow Official Website and like Singapore Motorshow 2015 Facebook Page!

Singapore Motorshow 2015

15 to 18 January 2015

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre [Level 4]

Opening Hours
16 Jan 2015 [Friday]: 11.30am – 10.00pm
17 Jan 2015 [Saturday]: 10.30am – 10.00pm
18 Jan 2015 [Sunday]: 10.30am – 8.00pm

Ticket Price
SGDS$6 per person per entry
Free: Anyone below 120cm in height