T.O.T- The Optique of Tomorrow by Nanyang Optical, Only @ Jem

We had the privilege to attend the opening of The Optique of Tomorrow [T.O.T] two weeks ago at Jem and we were so awed by the array of designer eyewear brands that are available at T.O.T.

In case you’re wondering, T.O.T is a concept store by Nanyang Optical Co. Ptd Ltd and it was conceptualised to meet the rising consumer need for eyewear that showcases the wearer’s characteristic identity. With the opening of T.O.T, it heralds a bold direction in the local eyewear retail industry by marrying designer eyewear brands from more than 10 countries with the provision of professional optometry consultation all in one store!

Here’s a snapshot of Mr Bernard Yang, Managing Director of Nanyang Optical Co. Pte Ltd, and he was introducing the various designer eyewear brands that T.O.T carry.

At T.O.T, the eyewear that are on display are not locked behind shelves and this is purposefully done so as to encourage interaction between the wearer and the glasses.

The theme of T.O.T is really unique and the ambience presents a mirror image of the globalised landscape that we dwell in.

Here are just some of the designer eyewear brands that are available at T.O.T and if you really want to check out the full range of designer eyewear brands, do head down to T.O.T at Jem as we will only be highlighting 5 eyewear brands that caught our attention.


There are a handful of Retrosuperfuture key collections that are exclusively available at T.O.T and Retrosuperfuture is the first eyewear brand to produce a complete range of colourful fashion sunglasses that has set the trend for acetate sunglasses in multiple colour graduations. Handmade in Italy, all of its designs are inspired by street couture.

Here are some of the sunglasses from Retrosuperfuture and their price ranges from $260 to $570.


Carrera is founded in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger, an Austrian sports eyewear manufacturer. Inspired by the danger and daring spirit of racers in the Central America, Carrera frames are well known to portray racing as an attitude. Carrera frames are made of patented Optyl, a plastic which is lighter than traditional acetate and has a memory effect to fit into the contours of face shapes. The price of Carrera sunglasses ranges from $265 to $450.

Feb 31st

Feb 31st is only exclusively available a T.O.T and it is an Italian brand which mastered and honed traditional woodcraft for more than 3 generations.

Wood and colour are the core ingredients in its eyewear and the frame front and temples can be customised separately.

The price of Feb 31st sunglasses ranges from $620 to $770.

Frency & Mercury

Launched in 2005, the Japanese brand is specially designed for the Asian nose bridge. The brand is influenced by American and Japanese subcultures and the frame of its sunglasses is made up of 20 individual pieces that are hand assembled in Japan. The line uses materials such as pure titanium, beta-titanium, acetate and as well as 18K gold and silver rivets for the frames. The price for Frency & Mercury sunglasses ranges from $480 to $500.


Glossi is exclusively available at T.O.T and its frame front has a unique coating that creates signature splash of multiple bright colours. Made of strong and flexible Nylon Compound which is light and durable, the eyewear uses nylon string which is hand-stitched to join the frame front to the temple and top bar. In addition, patented hinge-locking technique is used in replacement of conventional soldering and rivets. This provides flexibility and cushioning to the folding and opening of the temple to give it a springy effect. Celebrity following of Glossi includes Joe Perry, lead singer for Aerosmith, K Pop group, S The One, Korean actor and singer, Lee Ji Hoon, and J Pop Group, AKB48. The price of Glossi sunglasses ranges from $280 to $320.

Thanks to the generosity of T.O.T, we were all given a complimentary pair of Glossi sunglasses and here’s a picture of us posing with our new trendy accessories. Personally, I find the Glossi sunglasses really light and to add on, it is super trendy as well.

I left T.O.T a happy man and was ready to rock and roll in Taiwan with my new and trendy Glossi sunglasses!

Well, if you’re looking for an eyewear retail store that carries tons of designer eyewear brands, T.O.T is definitely the place and we’re pretty sure that you will be able to find a pair of sunglasses that can truly bring out your unique style and identity.

To add on, T.O.T is celebrating her official opening by offering a 20% storewide discount on frames and sunglasses! This promotion ends on 31st July 2013 and 100 Lucky Bags have also been set aside for the early birds. What’s more, students receive even more perks!

So don’t sit this one out, drop by to T.O.T at Jem and delight yourself with the wide collection of designer eyewear! For more information, do check out T.O.T’s Facebook Page.

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