[Restaurant Review] 3+1 Chinese Restaurant @ Tanjong Pagar

Two weeks ago, we had the privilege of dining at 3+1, a restaurant that serves Chinese cuisine, and we had a really fruitful and enjoyable time. A gem in the making, 3+1 is conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar and it offers a homely dining experience.

Restaurant External Facade

It might be easy to miss 3+1 but if you are taking the bus, 3+1 is just next to the Hub Synergy Point Bus-Stop. Though the external facade may look quite simple, the internal ambience of 3+1 is altogether a different story.

Restaurant Ambience

When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by Douglas, one of the owners of 3+1, and our entire dinner was planned and recommended by him. Since we had some time while waiting for our food to arrive, Jacqueline went around to shoot some photographs of the restaurant and we have to say this, the dining furniture does complement the overall theme of the restaurant pretty well and it gives the dining ambience a really cosy and homely feeling.

As the space between each table were adequate and not too narrow, diners can dine comfortably without knocking into one another.

Also, if you’re looking for a venue to host any special events like birthdays, reunions, weddings, or even corporate functions; 3+1 can accommodate 60 persons.

Here are the dishes that we had at 3+1

Signature Dishes

Fuzhou Red Wine Chicken, SGD$11.80

The Fuzhou Red Wine Chicken is a highly-recommended dish and though some people may get turned off by the bloody-looking broth, the broth has a pleasant sweet and sour taste to it. Combined with the fragrant aroma of the red wine that was used in preparing this dish, the Fuzhou Red Wine Chicken is indeed a flavourful treat.

East West Fusion Pork Ribs, SGD$15.80

This has got to be my most favourite dish at 3+1 because not only was the East West Fusion Pork Ribs tasty and oh-so-tender, it certainly tickles the tongue with the infused flavour of the Chinese herbs combined with the tangy sweet taste of the BBQ sauce. Truly an East West Fusion delight!


Homemade Beancurd with Prawns, SGD$10.80

A comfort food for many, the Homemade Beancurd with Prawns that we had was soft and of the right texture. The broth that accompanies the dish is delicious and it pairs well with a bowl of rice. A suitable dish for both the young and the old, the Homemade Beancurd with Prawns is a classic dish that definitely exudes a homely feeling.

Deep Fried Pumpkin with Salted Egg, SGD$9.80

Best eaten while its hot, the Deep Fried Pumpkin with Salted Egg is supposedly to be crispy to the bite. Personally, we feel that this dish could have been better.


Spinach Soup with Wolf Berries, SGD$3.80

Low in sodium/salt, the Spinach Soup with Wolf Berries is highly-nutritious and refreshing. As the Spinach Soup with Wolf Berries has a slightly thicker texture than typical soups, it tastes more like a broth. Though the colour of the soup may put some people off, it is definitely not as bad as what most people would think.


Pig Liver Kailan, SGD$11.80

Well, many people would probably agree that pig liver is a really difficult food/ingredient to cook and one must be extremely skillful to cook it to the right texture and taste. In fact, I was rather skeptical about having this dish but after trying it, I found the pig liver to be quite pleasant in taste with no strong smell at all. Eaten together with the kailan, I only have one word to say, “Yummy!”


Curry Fish, SGD$15.80

The curry broth was flavourful but the fish wasn’t as fresh as we expected it to be. It would have been a perfect dish if not for the fish.


Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts, SGD$3.80

Soft and chewy, the Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts makes a perfect closure for the meal. The sweetness was just right and the yam paste can be quite filling.

Honey Sea Coconut with Mixed Fruits, SGD$1.80

If you’re not into yam paste and that sort of stuffs, you can opt for a safer option by going for the Honey Sea Coconut with Mixed Fruits. A rather ordinary dessert, the Honey Sea Coconut with Mixed Fruits tastes just as ordinary as well.
After this trip to 3+1, we will definitely return to try some of their other dishes. For a fusion of authentic and traditional Chinese cuisine along with a touch of modern flavour, do check out 3+1.

3+1 is conveniently located at 70 Anson Road, Synergy Hub Point, #01-03/04, Singapore 079905; and to make a reservation, you can drop them a line at 6222-0031. Typically, 3+1 is often crowded during the normal weekday lunch hours and hence, we would highly recommend you to dine during dinner hours instead. Also, 3+1 offers a different weekly set menu and you might want to give them a ring to find out what they are having for that particular week. For more updates, you might also want to check out 3+1’s Facebook Page.

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