Hasbro Monopoly Save Your Token Campaign

During my primary school days, the MONOPOLY Board Game was my most favourite game and I daresay even till now, it is still my favourite board game. In the past, there were 8 game tokens used in the classic MONOPOLY game and they are the Car, the Thimble, the Boot, the Scottie Dog, the Battleship, the Hat, the Iron, and the Wheelbarrow. Well, if you haven’t heard, Hasbro [the company that owns the rights to MONOPOLY] is going to eliminate one of the tokens FOREVER and that token to be eliminated will be decided by a worldwide online voting campaign.

As I look at all of the 8 game tokens, it certainly reminded me of my childhood days and while I wish that all the 8 game tokens will be retained, one of the game tokens will ultimately have to go. So, if I have to vote for my most favourite token, it would be the Scottie Dog because I really love dogs and the Scottie Dog was a token that I used rather frequently in the past!

Well, though Hasbro is going to eliminate one of the eight existing game tokens permanently from the game, they are going to replace the eliminated token with a new token and similarly, fans will have to vote for the new token that they want to replace the eliminated token. The 5 choices for the new token are the Diamond Ring, the Guitar, the Toy Robot, the Cat, and the Helicopter. If I have to vote, I would cast my vote for the Toy Robot because of its relevance in today’s digital age.

Later this year, the classic token with the fewest votes will be eliminated from the game and replaced with the new token that receives the most votes. From Fall 2013, fans can expect to see new editions of the MONOPOLY game with the new token included in the collection. They should probably be available at all retail stores in mid to late 2013. The release date will give fans who would still like to play with the classic eight tokens a final chance to pick up the existing version of the game, with all the classic tokens, before the new edition hit stores.

Hence, if you would like to be part of this major worldwide campaign, do cast your votes via the following link: http://www.facebook.com/Monopoly

You will have the opportunity to cast two votes [one for your favourite existing token, and one for your favourite new token] each day during the voting period from now till 5 February, 2013. Not only that, you will also be able to “campaign” to save your favourite token through Facebook and Twitter by sharing images and videos with your friends and by using the hashtag #tokenvote.

To celebrate the MONOPOLY ‘Save Your Token’ campaign, Hasbro will also issue a special Classic MONOPOLY Golden Token Edition game that will include gold colored versions of all eight classic tokens and the five new tokens included in the vote. This special edition will be available in Singapore from May 2013 at all Toys“R”Us outlets and major departmental stores for the price of SGD $49.90

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God bless!

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