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When a fellow blogger, Rui Ting [whom blogs at] posted a link to Love Life Singapore’s Facebook Page, I was naturally curious about what Love Live Singapore is and I went to check it out.

Love Life Singapore Logo

So, here’s what I found out.

Love Life is a project in Taiwan that was initiated by celebrities, Blackie Chen Jian Zhou, and his wife, Christine Fan Wei Qi. They aimed to promote the importance of loving life in this society where people often get depressed and hopeless in their lives, by sharing the true stories of 3 strong-hearted young cancer patients through the form of a documentary. There were more than 100 artistes involved in this project to promote the value of “I Love Life, and I am treasuring it to the fullest” and they include Jay Chou, Barbie Hsu, Cecilia Cheung and A Mei.

A Love Life Teaser Shown in Taiwan

Photos of Celebrities in Taiwan Showing their Support for Love Life in Taiwan were Put Up On The Wall of Ward 93, a Ward for Children Cancer Patients in Taiwan.

Touched by the documentary, a group of 5 girls from Ngee Ann Polytechnic hope to promote Love Life in Singapore because they strongly believe that by shouting out Love Life messages such as “Treasure life, Do Not Give Up!”, it will spread the love and spirit in this society. Love Life Singapore is proudly supported by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and collaborations with the Singapore Kindness Movement and Children’s Cancer Foundation are underway. In fact, Mediacorp and NoonTalk also supported Love Life Singapore with 10 other local artistes including Romeo Tan, Zhou Ying, Kimberly Chia and Aloysius Pang.

The Team Behind Love Life Singapore Shared About their Project with Students from Hwa Chong Junior College and the National University of Singapore

Now, because the Love Life movement was initiated in Taiwan and founded by Blackie Chen, I went to ask Baby if she knew anything about this and to my greatest amazement, she knows everything there is about Love Life! Looks like I am the slow one when it comes to news like these. Since Baby and I have been thinking of doing something meaningful before the year comes to an end, we decided to be a part of the Love Life Singapore Family and to support this really meaningful project.

Ok, if you still don’t understand what this whole Love Life movement is all about, I will strongly encourage you to watch the following Youtube Video which I have embedded in this blog entry. This video is a complete documentary of Love Life and because the video will last for 62 minutes, I will strongly advise you to watch it in its entirety with no interruptions. Non-chinese speaking friends can also watch the video as there are English Subtitles available. I believe your hearts will be touched when you see the courage and faith that transcends throughout the video.

If you have finished watching the video and you are truly touched by it, do pledge your support for Love Life Singapore by spreading/sharing the news about Love Life Singapore. Do also remember to “Like” Love Life Singapore’s Facebook Page so that you can be kept updated about the latest activities/developments that Love Life Singapore is embarking on:

Love Life Singapore’s Facebook Page

Also, if you feel that you can do more, why not be a part of Love Live Singapore Family and come join us in the Family Meet Up Session that will be taking place this Saturday, from 2.30pm to 4.30pm at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Lecture 77. At the Family Meet Up Session, you will hear more about what Love Life Singapore is and get to meet the rest of the Love Life Singapore Family Members!

We’ve only got one life to live. Cherish it, treasure it, live it, and love it to the fullest.

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

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