How Will I Enjoy Genting If I Was A Celebrity?

Hello Everyone,

the last time I went to Genting was in 2011 [after my Basic Military Training Passing Out Parade] with Aldaias. During our 2 Days 1 Night Getaway to Genting, we spent the time shopping, eating, and trying our luck at the Casino. Although we wanted to have a go at the Theme Park, we didn’t because the weather wasn’t looking good for us.

Well, if I was a celebrity, I might enjoy Genting in another way.

In fact, besides the usual shopping, eating, and casino-ing [a new word that I invented], there’s also the Theme Park and the Showroom which I personally haven’t check out! So, if I was a celebrity, I would flaunt my cool-ness by hogging the express lane and enjoy all the rides that are available in the Theme Park, whether its indoor or outdoor. Of course, in order to hide the fearful expression of taking thrill rides like Corkscrew, Space Shot and Flying Coaster, I would have to put my shades on.

The Corkscrew [credits to RW Genting for the picture]

The Space Shot [credits to RW Genting for the picture]

The Flying Coaster [credits to RW Genting for the picture]

Besides having a go at the Theme Park as a celebrity, I will definitely want to check out Freeze 2 and hog up the VIP seat. In case you’re wondering, Freeze 2 is a production that combines music, dance, skating, illusion and acrobatics with a touch of comedy. I’m sure it will be a blast!

Freeze 2 [credits to RW Genting for the picture]

Oh oh, and if I had my shot at stardom, I will want to dine at The Olive, sip a cocktail or two, and enjoy the music of the strolling band. Thereafter, I might head to The Patio for some late night drinks and just chill out with some friends.

The Olive [credits to RW Genting for the picture]

The Patio [credits to RW Genting for the picture]

How wonderful it will be if I get to enjoy Genting as a celebrity!

Of course, these are all wishful thinking but Genting does makes you feel dreamy isn’t it [especially with all the clouds flying by]?

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