Taken 2 [2012 Movie Review]

Hello Everyone,

Baby and I wanted to catch Taken 2 in Taipei but because we were so busy running around, we decided to watch Taken 2 in Singapore instead.

If you have watched Taken 1 before, then I reckoned Taken 2 might interest you.

Movie Plot [as extracted from GV’s Website]:

When his wife is kidnapped during a vacation in Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills works to get his family to safety, rescue his wife, and take out the kidnappers one by one.

Movie Trailer:

Our Review:

Taken 2 is filled with suspense and action; and although the movie was rather short [about 1.5 hours long], we really enjoyed the movie. Personally, I find Taken 1 to be more interesting than Taken 2 because Taken 2‘s plot is rather predictable. Nevertheless, this is one movie that is worth catching if you haven’t decided what movie to catch this weekend. Get ready for an explosive time!

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