Have You Heard of NuffnangX?

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a few weeks ago, Nuffnang announced a piece of news that got me rather excited and the only thing they mentioned was that this thing that Nuffnang is going to launch [the NuffnangX] is going to change the entire blogosphere landscape. Of course back then, I thought to myself, “got really so powerful meh?!” Having kept up with the news about NuffnangX all the way till its launch date [especially with insights from other bloggers], NuffnangX was finally launched yesterday, and I must say this, it is absolutely an application you must download on your Android devices or iPhones.

Here’s why.

I am pretty sure that local homegrown blogs have come a long way and they have garnered a certain level of reputation for themselves, hence everyone whom frequents the internet and engages in Facebook or Twitter would more often then not check out blogs that are rather informative and filled with the latest exciting news, gossips, tips, and etc. In fact, some blogs have quite a large number of followers and even amongst the followers themselves, some actually follow 3-6 blogs at one time. If you’re the sort of person that follows a few blogs, you would most probably be having tons of tabs in your internet browser and you would have to key in the URL of the blog individually; unless you have bookmarked them. Have you ever wished that there is a platform that consolidates all the blogs that you follow and that which allows you to connect with the bloggers easily?

From NuffnangX 2012

Well, I did and NuffnangX makes that possible.

Whether you’re a blogger or a blog follower, NuffnangX is a really perfect platform that allows bloggers and followers to connect seamlessly. Abit like Instagram [quoted this from Dead Crockroach] and abit like Facebook, NuffnangX provides you live news feeds from the blogs that you choose to follow and you can either favourite the blog post, start a conversation, or share the blog post via Facebook and Twitter. So, if you love checking out blogs and you’re a die-hard fan of blogs, then NuffnangX is an application you must have in your mobile device. If you’re a blog owner, be sure to access NuffnangX via the desktop/PC to claim your blog!

NuffnangX is accessible via the desktop/PC and it is also available as an application on Google play and App Store.

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

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