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I’m not sure if anyone has heard of Boxup yet and for me personally, I only found out about Boxup when MissusChewy was organising a Chocolate Giveaway on her Facebook Page.

Well, being an extremely enthusiastic chocolate fan, I couldn’t resist the temptation and participated in the giveaway that MissusChewy was organising; and to my pleasant surprise, I was picked as one of the winners for the giveaway!

I’ve participated in a few giveaways before [such as the one organised by MissTamChiak] where I gotten a box of Gold Zespri Kiwifruits and a box of Green Zespri Kiwifruits, which you might have seen if you followed me on Instagram; and I was naturally excited when I was announced as the winner for this Chocolate Giveaway [double happiness indeed].

So what exactly is Boxup all about?

Boxup is actually a subscription service unlike any other. Instead of having your usual magazines delivered right to your doorstep, you will have a box of carefully selected chocolates delivered right to your doorstep every month. Currently, Boxup delivers only to offices and they might consider delivering to residences if there’s a demand for it.

What’s so special about Boxup?

If having chocolate subscription isn’t special enough, then the following piece of information might just intrigue you. The chocolates that you find in the box are carefully handpicked from Belgium, USA, Italy and France. If you’re an extreme chocolate fan like me, you would be glad to know that Boxup works with brands such as Dolfin, Valrhona, Galler, Venchi, Amedei, and many more. Just like how you would always expect your magazines to come with different exciting top stories, Boxup‘s chocolates are different every month too!


Well, if you’re interested, you could actually proceed to their payment page and place your order for 1 box of assorted gourmet chocolates at only $10 [which by the way, is a real steal!]. However, please kindly note that Boxup is still in its trial stage and your feedback on their service would definitely come in handy so as to provide an even more awesome chocolatey experience for you.

Why should you try Boxup?

If you’re a chocolate adventurer and you are willing to try out different exotic brands and blends of chocolates, then this is for you. However, if you’re the sort of person who must have a particular brand of chocolate [like Royce Chocolates] every month, then you’re really missing out on other great chocolates from top artisan chocolatiers. And if you’re planning to give your boyfriend, girlfriend, loved ones, a chocolate treat every month, this is perhaps the perfect universal gift for any sort of occasion.

So anyway, here is a picture of the box of chocolates that was delivered to my place.

From Boxup Giveaway 2012

Neutral face/sad face/angry face + chocolates = smiley face! I really like Boxup‘s tagline, “making your life sweeter”!

From Boxup Giveaway 2012

Once I opened the Box, lo and behold, there were 9 chocolate pieces waiting for me to savour them all.

From Boxup Giveaway 2012

Here’s a closed-up shot of the 9 pieces of chocolate.

From Boxup Giveaway 2012

In this particular box of chocolates that I received, there were 7 different types of chocolates. Honestly, it might be helpful and informational if they provide some sort of covering note that explains where each chocolate is from, what’s so special about the chocolate, and how is the chocolate supposed to taste like. In fact, I only found out how the chocolate was supposed to taste like and not the other information that would make me appreciate the chocolate more.

I’m not exactly sure if the names they gave the various chocolate pieces in the box are official names from the chocolatiers but anyways, my most favourite chocolate in the box is the Exquisite [a good balance of sweet and bitter] while Baby’s most favourite chocolate is the Flamme Blanc [which she felt was quite hazelnutish and yummy]. If you ask me which is the most unique chocolate in the box, I would say its Basil because its taste is so gingerbread-like [you can literally smell and taste the herb smell].

Well, if you’re interested in subscribing to chocolates monthly, then you ought to subscribe to Boxup‘s Chocolates because they’re really unique on its own and what I really like best is that you’ll never know what you’ll find in the box every month. It’s like the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans in Harry Potter!

Stay tuned to more updates from us!

God bless!

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