3 McDonald Land Hello Kitty Plush Toys Down! 1 More to Go~!

Hello Everyone,

3 weeks ago, I put up a blog entry about the launch of McDonald’s Hello Kitty plush toys and since then, I have been receiving tons of queries asking if I have extra Hello Kitty plush toys.

Well, I’m sorry to say this but I absolutely do not have any extra Hello Kitty plush toys because the ones that I have are for my own personal collection.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the McDonald Land Hello Kitty plush toys are expected to sell out really fast and hence the reason why I encouraged everyone to get them on the day of the launch. Well, for this particular week, the Ronald Hello Kitty will be available on Thursday [that is in 2 days time!] and it is the last of the Hello Kitty plush toy that you can collect to make it a complete set [provided that you have collected the Hamburglar Hello Kitty, the Grimace Hello Kitty, and the Birdie Hello Kitty“!

Here are 4 tips for you to secure your Ronald Hello Kitty this Thursday before it is sold out:

1). Go for a McDonald’s breakfast early in the morning on Thursday!
2). Dine at a McDonald’s restaurant that is not so crowded!
3). Go for a midnight McDonald’s supper on Wednesday!
4). Call for McDelivery lunch on Thursday if you ain’t free to dine at the restaurant!

From McDonald Hello Kitty 2012

Here’s my personal collection thus far. 3 down, 1 more to go! And yes, it is a perfect gift for any girl who loves Hello Kitty plush toys!

From McDonald Hello Kitty 2012

Hope this helps!

Stay tuned for more updates from us.

God bless!


    • Melvin says:

      Dear Josh,

      Thank you for dropping by our Blog.

      Pertaining to your query on the McDonald’s Hello Kitty Promotion that will be taking place on Thursday in Malaysia, the Hello Kitty by right should be available after Wednesday midnight at 12am. This is because, the McDonald’s Restaurant would have to get the stock ready for Thursday’s distribution.
      When it was here in Singapore, I got it during the early morning breakfast hours at 7am in the morning and the stock was still available. It is generally recommended that you avoid lunch or dinner hours because it would be crowded.

      Hope this answers your questions. Thanks.

      Best Regards,
      Melvin Lee
      Content Producer for A Winsome Life

  1. Josh Tang says:

    Hello ^^ what time can start buy this mcvalue meal with hello kitty ? after wednesday midnight 12 ? Thursday breakfast time ? Thursday lunch time or what time ? Please help me ! Thank you so much !

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