Shu Nince Steamboat

Hello Everyone,

as Baby and I wanted to try the food and beverage outlets along Teck Chye Terrace [its just right across the road from Paya Lebar Methodist Church] and try out the steamboat restaurants over there, we decided to dine at this steamboat restaurant known as Shu Nince Steamboat.

From Shu Nince Steamboat

Well, there are about 4-5 restaurants that offered steamboat there but the reason why we chose Shu Nince was because of the promotion they were having.

From Shu Nince Steamboat

Yes, dining at Shu Nince Steamboat was the cheapest out of the other steamboat restaurants that were there but truth be told, this would be our first and last time dining at Shu Nince Steamboat. Here’s why…

1). Seriously, Baby and I were really excited about dining at Shu Nince Steamboat and we waited for a good 20 minutes before a table was available for us. The thing is, we didn’t mind the long waiting time but what really pissed us the most was that the table that was supposedly assigned to us was unknowingly given to another group of diners whom were already dining at another table! So, instead of seating us at the table which we were supposed to be assigned to, we were seated at the table which was previously occupied by the group of diners whom are now taking our supposedly assigned table. When we questioned the service staff why there is such an arrangement, we were told that the diners had already reserved the table that we were supposed to be seated at.

2). So since we have waited for 20 minutes and were extremely famished, we decided to just take the table that was previously occupied by the group of diners whom were now dining at our supposedly assigned table. And well, we realised why they switched tables. Apparently, the place where the group of diners were seated at was so hot and stuffy that even the air-conditioning did not seem to help at all! So, to pacify the group of diners, the service staff assigned them to our table which was way cooler and brought us to the hot and stuffy environment instead! Certainly, this was no way to treat a first time customer right?!

3). Having to bear with the extremely hot and stuffy environment, we placed our order for the food. Well, if you asked us about the quality of the food, we honestly would tell you that it is extremely terrible. We had 2 soup bases, namely, chicken broth, and the other, “ma la”/spicy broth. Both the broths were bland and not up to standard. If you asked us about the service, we honestly would tell you that it is way below our expectations because the service staff have forgotten our orders not once but twice! Not only that, some of the food items we ordered didn’t came and the service staffs didn’t even bother to give any explanations at all.

Well, we don’t have much photos of Shu Nince Steamboat here in this entry because we left the restaurant early [due to missing/forgotten orders] and had lost all the mood and excitement for dining there. So, we didn’t even bother to take any photographs because we don’t want to waste our time dining in such an atmosphere.

In summary, we WILL NOT RECOMMEND Shu Nince Steamboat because:

1) Service was lacking
2) Food quality was bad
3) Place was extremely hot, stuffy, and lack air ventilation

If you are looking for better steamboats, head down to Bugis instead. Don’t waste your money on substandard service and food.

Stay tuned for more updates from us!

God bless!

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