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as Baby and I have been eating too much good food and growing horizontally and not vertically, we decided that it was time that we side aside one weekend to exercise our hearts out and burn some fats! So, to kick off our exercise regime, we decided to go swimming! Since we wanted to make our exercise regime fun, we chose to swim at the Sengkang Swimming Complex as they have a variety of water slides there and moreover, it was located quite near our place too.

The admission fee is $2 for adult and $1 for children on weekends and the rental for a locker to put our personal belonging cost us $0.40 for 2 hours. [quite cheap ah!]

This is the indoor swimming pool! So, be it rain or shine, you could still swim at the indoor pool and avoid the bad weather!

From Sengkang Swimming Complex

By the way, the indoor swimming pool is also a training pool, so the water depth is not that much and is very suitable for amateurs.

Seriously, the Sengkang Swimming Complex is also a really good place for family gatherings and for bringing your kids [if you have any] out to have fun. Just look at the water playground! Even Baby and I were tempted to just have some fun at the water playground.

From Sengkang Swimming Complex
From Sengkang Swimming Complex
From Sengkang Swimming Complex

And for the more adventurous and daring ones, make sure you try out the various water slides! I think I’m getting a bit old because when I had a go at the water slides, I screamed like mad and my stomach churned like crazy after the whole experience. But well, I wouldn’t mind going for a few more rounds at the water slides because it was just so exciting and fun!

From Sengkang Swimming Complex

Well… we hope that this short write-up about Sengkang Swimming Complex would get you inspired to do some swimming and also get started on planning your exercise regime!

Yes I’m fat, that’s why exercising is a priority for me now.

From Sengkang Swimming Complex

Baby’s getting slimmer, so exercising for her is not a priority.

From Sengkang Swimming Complex


Anyways, stay tuned for more updates from us!

God Bless!

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